EBOLA: Outbreak in 3 countries, Suspected cases: 153, Deaths: 92, The case fatality rate is 61%.

UPDATE: April 2, 2014 20:45 EST

March 25 2014
Suspected cases: 86 Deaths: 60

March 27 2014
Suspected cases: 103 Deaths: 66

March 28 2014
Suspected cases: 111 Deaths: 69

March 29 2014
Suspected cases: 112 Deaths: 70

March 30 2014
Suspected cases: 114 Deaths: 71

March 31 2014
Suspected cases: 122 Deaths: 78

April 1 2014
Suspected cases: 122 Deaths: 80

April 2 2014[UPDATED]
Suspected cases: 134 Deaths: 84

Suspected cases: 14 Deaths: 6

Sierra Leone
Suspected cases: 5 Deaths: 2

Suspected cases: 153 Deaths: 92
The case fatality rate is 61%.

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Ok map of outbreak, gets updated.


What you need to know:

Virus-transmission mode:
Direct contact with an infected person or animal infected dead or alive infected
Also see–


-Mounted fever
Muscular Pain
-Sore throat
Internal and external hemorrhage- see image:


Treatment: NO

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Reuters: government spokesman in Guinea confirms epidemic that has killed 34 people since 9th February is Ebola virus

Ebola virus: the consumption of the recommended onion 

An African researcher who is not to reveal the name here told me with conviction that the solution to this would be Ebola onion.

In effect, he must be sick to eat for 3-7 days following recipe: a well crushed or crushed onion, we add a teaspoon of condensed milk and a teaspoon of powdered coffee (Nescafe). Stir the three ingredients and eat the patient.

On those not yet sick to shelter the virus, the same researcher informs me that she must eat every day 1-2 fresh onions.



Liberia: 13 nurses quarantined in Lofa over Ebola fears

At least about thirteen nurses at the Foyah Borma Hospital in Foyah District and Telewoyon Hospital, Vionjama, all in Lofa County have been quarantined.

The nurses, one of which is said to be showing symptom of the deadly Ebola virus that have spread across from neighboring Guinea here, all at one point came in contact with the two sisters, one already deceased, at the two hospitals.

The nurse whose symptom has become very visible is said to be isolated from the rest who are closely being monitored, sources at the two hospitals told this paper Tuesday.


Bar graph of current outbreak in Guinea.



Ebola: Conakry is reassuring, WHO sounds the alarm

In Liberia and Sierra Leone, neighboring Guinea, several deaths from hemorrhagic fever like Ebola virus have been reported. But the vast majority of cases were identified in southern Guinea. Guinean President announced the imminent arrival of a team of 20 people from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta in the United States. “I think we will very quickly be able to control the epidemic,” said the head of the Guinean state.

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From Mali

Health center Sibiribougou : fear Ebola

Moussa Camara – 04/02/2014

The health center was stirred for most of the day Tuesday, April 1, with information relating to the discovery of suspected cases of Ebola . The film of the day.

The health center Sibiribougou in Commune IV district of Bamako was the attraction of the capital Tuesday. And for good reason : suspected cases of Ebola have been reported there . The center is then quickly attacked by a crowd of onlookers and comments fuse . But what has really happened ? According Mamoudou Keita , President of the Association of Community Health Sebenicoro Kalanbougou Sibiribougou ( ASACOSEKASI ) , it all started on the night of Monday, March 31 to April 1, 2014 . He said he was contacted by the head doctor of the center to inform the arrival of a suspected case of Ebola . This is a young man of 26 years by the name of Soumaïla Togola shoe salesman of his condition. He returned from Koflatié border ente Mali and Guinea . This is the bus station Djicoroni Para, where are stationed health workers, it has been reported to health authorities. After making contacts , the decision is taken. It must be removed at the health center of Sibiribougou .

The choice of health center Sibiribougou says Keita , is explained by the large empty space center capable of isolating the patient. Had not accepted initially, he said, but it convinced us to welcome pending the development of the site of Lassa common IV to receive any cases . ” On Tuesday at midnight , the patient arrived at the center where it was isolated . It has at its disposal a mattress , mosquito net and a bucket for his needs. So we took all necessary measures to avoid any contact between him other . “Says our interlocutor.

Vanished ?

How Soumaila Togola is it managed to escape ? On Tuesday morning, the patient called some of his relatives . Thus two men came to the center to bring the sick. The President of the ASACOSEKASI tried to dissuade him. Weary of war , he informed the police of the 9th district who decided to put two police officers at its disposal to monitor the patient. ” When I returned with the police , I found that parents Soumaila Togola had taken on board a taxi ,” continues Mamoudou Keita , annoyed. In the center of Sibiribougou it is ensured that the police are on the trail of the fugitive . ” Contacts have been made with the phone operator Orange to try to locate it. We hope we will catch up soon , “reassures do we .

Meanwhile , the same health center was informed between 10:00 and 11:00 another case checkpoint Sebenicoro which are also posted health workers for the purposes of control. Moments later the alert was given for a third suspect in the bus station Djicioroni Para case . It would be a Adama Keita from the Guinean border . The man of thirty years , according to the health met at the checkpoint to the bus station , suffered from severe diarrhea and vomiting. The decision was made to send all passengers center to be isolated before the arrival of the health authorities. They will remain there until about 17 hours , at which time they will be visited by a team from the National Centre for supporting the fight against the disease ( CNAM) who conducted blood samples . After these samples and the passage of members of the Ministry of Health, all suspected cases were sent to the site of Lassa arranged quickly.

To address all risks, we inform the President of the ASACOSEKASI , Health Centre of reference of the common IV with the help of service agents hygiene cremated all objects used by Soumaila Togola before disinfecting shafts , gear and all around the place of isolation . “For now , we think we have played our part well to avoid any risk of contagion among populations . But I want to clarify that they are not suspects and confirmed cases “cases, said Mamoudou Keita who acknowledges having passed one of the longest days of his life.


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