Economic Armageddon Is Imminent: George Soros Knows Something Dreadful Is Coming And Goldman Sachs Opened The Gates to Hell

Economic Armageddon Is Imminent

George Soros knows something dreadful is coming. The Rockefellers know something big and bad is about to happen. That something big is the imminent collapse of all fiat paper money currencies around the world. In their secret Bilderberg meetings, the globalists have positively planned the exact date of our financial demise. You can even bet the next “black whatever day” will coincide with an ironic date which will make the globalists chuckle at the planned inception of next false flag event.


Goldman Sachs Just Opened the Gates to Hell

Silver prices have dropped dramatically this past Monday. Panic selling dominated the market as investors and financial institutions could not dump their holdings of silver and gold fast enough. The market clearly shows signs of mass manipulation by the globalists. The best proof that the globalists are manipulating the price of gold comes from “Goldman Sachs (who) reportedly told their clients earlier this month that they recommend initiating a short COMEX gold position.”

Please remember that this is the same Goldman Sachs that shorted its stocks on 9/11. This is the same Goldman Sachs that placed put options on Transocean stock the morning of the Gulf oil explosion. This is the same Goldman Sachs that got caught shorting the housing market in advance of the housing bubble burst. Basically, when Goldman Sachs starts shorting anything, we should all become apprehensive; particularly if our individual investments are anywhere in the neighborhood of the commodities being impacted by shorting. When Goldman Sachs begins to short anything, it is time to take your money and run for the hills. That time would be now.

Why Would Goldman Sachs Dramatically Drive Down the Price of Gold?

Beside trading and bartering, if the dollar and the euro were to collapse tomorrow, what currency of exchange would the left standing? The obvious and simple answer would be primarily, gold, and secondarily, silver. Ask yourself this question, if you knew that paper monies all around the world were to collapse, what action would represent your best option? The obvious answer would be to dramatically drive down the price of gold and silver if one had the ability to do so, and then buy as much as gold as one possibly could. Goldman Sachs has the ability to do so by utilizing their ominous shorting strategy.

Boston Massacre: Up to 12 Dead, 60 Wounded


White House — Banker Connection Pre Gold Collapse

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it is suspicious that on the Thursday before the Friday gold collapse there was an 11:00 AM meeting of all the major bankers at the White House. Coincidence? Perhaps, or perhaps not.


Full List of Bankers at White House Meeting Thursday

April 11, 2013, 10:57 AM

Here is the list of bank executives who will be attending, according to a White House official:

•             Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO Goldman Sachs GS -1.42%
•             Jacques Brand, CEO Deutsche Bank DBK.XE -1.80% Americas
•             Michael Corbat, Chief Executive Officer Citigroup C -1.42%
•             Jamie Dimon, Chairman, CEO and President J.P. Morgan Chase JPM -0.32%
•             Sergio Ermotti, CEO UBS UBSN.VX -1.79%
•             James Gorman, Chairman and CEO Morgan Stanley MS -5.40%
•             Gerald Hassell, Chairman and CEO Bank of New York Mellon Corpo BK -1.80%ration
•             Jay Hooley, Chairman, President and CEO State Street Corpo STT -1.36%ration
•             Abby Johnson, President, Fidelity Financial Services, Fidelity Investments
•             Steve Kandarian, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Metlife MET -2.26%
•             Brian Moynihan, President and CEO Bank of America BAC -2.22% Merrill Lynch
•             John Strangfeld, CEO, Prudential
•             John Stumpf, Chairman, President and CEO Wells Fargo WFC -0.79%
•             Jim Weddle, Managing Partner, Edward Jones
•             Bob Benmosche, President and CEO American International Group AIG -0.57%

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Zerohgedge: What Exactly Did Obama Say To Wall Street’s CEOs Last Thursday?

Correlation is not causation; but coincidence means you’re on the right path. Looking at the charts of Stocks, Commodities, and Precious Metals, we wonder just what it was that President Obama said at his 11am ET White House meeting last Thursday

Equity markets soared out of the gate on the 11th. Jobless claims beat expectations handily (shaking off the previous week’s concerns) and all was well in the world… until just after 11am ET (when the CEOs of Wall Street’s big banks – for no apparent reason – met with President Obama)… and this happened…


Gold also peaked at just after 11am ET…


Goldman Closes Gold Position, Says Time to Short

10 Apr 2013

Goldman Sachs downgraded its 2013 price target for gold and advised investors to short the precious metal, in a commodities report out on Wednesday.

“Despite resurgence in euro area risk aversion and disappointing U.S. economic data, gold prices are unchanged over the past month, highlighting how conviction in holding gold is quickly waning,” said Goldman Sachs analysts Damien Courvalin and Jeffrey Currie in the note.


Goldman Confirms Slowdown Accelerating


Two weeks ago we showed the notable cyclical collapse in Goldman Sachs’ business cycle ‘Swirlogram’, due to a combination of downward revisions in over-adjusted data and actual economic decline. The latest ‘swirlogram’ shows that the situation has gone from bad to worse. While hope remains due to strength in AUD and CAD (commodity) currencies, Consumer confidence, global PMIs, and Industrial metals have all worsened significantly pushing the Global Leading Indicator momentum down notably. The next key indicators Goldman are watching are Belgian and Dutch manufacturing, Japanese Industrial Production Inventory/Sales, and Korean exports and they remain cautious of the increasing fiscal drag in the US.


How quickly we flopped from expansion to slowdown…



Farage – New Government Confiscation & Gold Turbulence

There is now a new German proposal on the table which says they will even confiscate a percentage of the value of your house.  We have not seen this sort of thing going on in Western Europe since the 1930s and 1940s when the Nazi regime did this to people they hated.  


And isn’t it ironic that in the middle of all of this we have the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, actually saying to the EU, ‘You are now behaving like the Soviet used to.’”


IMF warns on risk of new credit bubbles

Extraordinarily loose monetary policy risks sparking credit bubbles which threaten to tip the world back into financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund warned yesterday.

Japan posts record annual trade deficit of $83.4 billion

Japan used to be an export economy. It is no longer. For the 8th month in a row, exports have been exceeded by imports. If continued, Japan will collapse.

11 Economic Crashes That Are Happening Right Now

The stock market is not crashing yet, but there are lots of other market crashes happening in the financial world right now.  Just like we saw back in 2008, it is taking stocks a little bit of extra time to catch up with economic reality.  But almost everywhere else you look, there are signs that a financial avalanche has begun.  Bitcoins are crashing, gold and silver are plunging, the price of oil and the overall demand for energy continue to decline, markets all over Europe are collapsing and consumer confidence in the United States just had the biggest miss relative to expectations that has ever been recorded.  In many ways, all of this is extremely reminiscent of 2008.  Other than the Bitcoin collapse, almost everything else that is happening now also happened back then.   So does that mean that a horrible stock market crash is coming as well?  Without a doubt, one is coming at some point.  The only question is whether it will be sooner or later.  Meanwhile, there are a whole lot of other economic crashes that deserve out attention at the moment.

The following are 11 economic crashes that are happening RIGHT NOW…


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Several more Dow components report earnings Friday, providing a glimpse of how industrial and consumer companies fared in the squishy global economy last quarter.


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