Economic collapse and price controls on commodities!

Right now there is price manipulation happening in virtually all markets!! Stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. There is a very big unintended consequence of the artificial suppression of commodity prices that I want you to think about. We all now are seeing how the price of gold and silver on the comex is no where near what costs to acquire the physical. That is because the premium (or the markup from the spot price). I believe this is happening in most commodity markets to try and hide TRUE inflation. The problem is we will see a greater discrepincy between the spot price and the actual price. Think about gas??? In 2007ish the price of a barrel was about the same as it is today, yet we were only paying $1.50ish then for a gallon of gas. Today, They have manipulated the price of oil to “artificial” price however the “actual” price to us is virtually double!!!!! This is very similar in many commodities…

Here is the big problem, my belief is that before we see the huge price spikes in commodities we will first see SHORTAGES!!!! This is a direct result of the manipulation!!! What we are seeing in the precious metals today with a decoupling between the spot price and “actual” price will hit other commodities as well! IMHO!!!

Price controls tend to lead to shortages!

What will this mean for us potentially? Price controls and the free market tend to be at odds? So a farmer who knows he can get twice as much in China will gladly sell to China for double. Think… Oil, food, Precious Metals, imports will all be affected!

Please people remember the gas lines of the 1970’s because of price controls/lack of supply!!! Now imagine that on most commodities! That is whats coming!!




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  • Michael

    This topic is so true. If a farmer had any sense, he/she would forget about planting GMO’s and use their land to grow a variety of TRUE FOODS. But of course, as soon as they tried to do this our Government would shut ’em down on some trumped-up charge, and would go as far as to steal the land and put the farmer into the prison system. Just to make sure that we “obey” and “consume” on a daily basis, they now tell us that anyone who has stocked up on more than three days worth of food, that we are a terrorist.
    As for the metals market….BUY, BUY ,BUY.

    Folks, it gets crazier every day. It won’t be long now before the “camel’s back” will break. People are getting tired of Gabby and Mark Giffords, tired of Monsanto, tired of Bloomberg, tired of O-bomb-a,…..

    Basically, we Americans have the True Terrorists telling us that we’re terrorists just for wanting to live life in peace, without being infringed upon. And with Nestle telling us that water is not a human right and that Corporations should control the water,…well, like i said, the camel’s back is starting to buckle.

    I wish no harm to anyone. But right now….they’re playing with fire. And someone’s gonna get burned.

    One more thing to be aware of, NOBODY in their right mind would pull this crap….UNLESS they were wanting a rebellion.

  • hvaiallverden

    In a world of uncertiantys and a steady relocations of massive manufacturing/producing ind. to cheep/low coust nations with a work force, and as long as there is countrys in deep poverty, there will be “global free trade”, that notion is a slave contract, and bennefits only a fraction of the humanity, the rest, is slaves.

    You cant fight slave labor, and/or slave labor conditions regarding income, if any.

    Thats the reality manufactures face to day, and the locale product havent got a snowballs chanse in hell to manage a long standof regading prices, or dumping prices to crash their oponents, the real bennefit of size do infact matters, thats why canibalism is the trend that have, beside monopolism, been the driving force behind the reasent decades “crony capitalism” and the even more “crony growth”, witch is a lie, in every sence.
    That growth is on the behalfe of existing ind. that have since then, vaporised, or swallowed.

    The truth is this:
    Take away the private sentral banking scam system and whats going to happen.

    The infaltions, the sole drive of this, the marked manipulations, the so caled infation marks(a statistical f…. lie), the constant fluctuation of intress(manipulated), the insane amount of intress for money the can pumped up to 9 Times(to gamble with, sorry, sorry, to invest with), and still we pay intress, this is ecatly where the scam/thefth is.

    This Intress is also baked into prices we pay for goods, tax because of lies about the CO2/AGW hoax.
    In goverment finnased infrastructure prodjects, loaned thure the private FeD, wher You in the end pays for up to 10-20-30% of totale costs, in just Intress alone, doe to the fact its a Loan, and the sum, is also in the fractional banking system to utilyze(use).
    Take this away and the prices and salary explosion, would have been uttelry unnesesary, and wouldt have happened at all.
    The fact is hat They destroyed the currency value, and the prices hicke in the last half of this century is doed to Intress alone, and even manitpulation of marked.
    Every thing is a scam, the hole system is a scam, they are simple criminals.

    Of course a comonity can be scarse, and there by a hick in prices is natural, but the parasittic entety, the fractional banking system and the sentral banking system is destroying our world.

    The truth is that we the people need to reshuffele the intire wall street system, to ban Derivativs, MBS, CDS, no matter what they are called, and liqufy the To big to Fail, a new lie.

    Case solved within weeks, not to slowly sufforcate the victim, Us.
    Capital crimes, involving the humanity, should be give capitla punished, no more, no less.
    Hung in the nearest Lamp poust.

    They will not give in, and will try to do what ever it takes to cling to the powers that they have to day,its a membrane in our reality, and that weild must come down, to ripp the to big to fail down is simply the Only option left, otherwise we all are doomed, into a slave planet, and where can we go then, and to whom can we protest to, and whom would even care.

    Then its to late.

    Wake the f… up.