Economic Collapse Martial Law – Prepare Now – It Will Happen Really Quick – No One Will Be Immune

Economic Collapse Martial Law – Prepare Now

Economic Collapse Will Happen Really Quick

Peter Schiff: “I Think The Dollar Is Going To Collapse Before The Market Does”

I had the opportunity this week to reconnect with Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital.

It was a powerful interview, as Peter indicated the Fed is trapped in a long-term position of destroying the dollar, while mainstream voices cheer resultant new highs of the stock market. Such dollar debasement Peter explained, means “the price of gold is going to skyrocket”—once the negative propaganda wears off.

In response to this week’s conflicting policy statements issued by the Fed, Peter said, “They checked into the ‘Roach Motel’ of monetary policies because they can get in—but there’s no way to get out. So what they do is they bluff. They pretend there is an exit strategy knowing that exit is impossible…they just have to maintain the pretense as long as they can, before the market figures out the true predicament they’re in.”

“No matter what Ben Bernanke says, between now and the time he’s supposed to taper, he will come up with an excuse why he can’t and I think he already knows this. But he can’t let the market know that the whole recovery…is merely a temporary by-product of the QE, and that the minute you remove the QE—we’re right back in recession.”

Everything Is Fine?

Everything is going to be just great.  Haven’t you heard?  The stock market is at an all-time high, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke says that inflation is incredibly low, and the official unemployment rate has been steadily declining since early in Barack Obama’s first term.  Of course I am being facetious, but this is the kind of talk about the economy that you will hear if you tune in to the mainstream media.  They would have us believe that those running things know exactly what they are doing and that very bright days are ahead for America.  And it would be wonderful if that was actually true.  Unfortunately, as I made exceedingly clear yesterday, the U.S. economy has already been in continual decline for the past decade.  Any honest person that looks at those numbers has to admit that our economy is not even close to where it used to be.  But could it be possible that we are making a comeback?  Could it be possible that Obama and Bernanke really do know what they are doing and that their decisions have put us on the path to prosperity?  Could it be possible that everything is going to be just fine?

Sadly, what we are experiencing right now is a “mini-hope bubble” that has been produced by an unprecedented debt binge by the federal government and by unprecedented money printing by the Federal Reserve.  Once this “sugar high” wears off, it will be glaringly apparent that by “kicking the can down the road” Bernanke and Obama have made our long-term problems even worse.

Unfortunately, most Americans don’t understand these things.

Most Americans just let their televisions do their thinking for them, and right now their televisions are telling them that everything is going to be fine.

But is that really the case?

Everything is fine, but the city of Detroit has just filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  It will be the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history

Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history Thursday after steep population and tax base declines sent it tumbling toward insolvency.

The filing by a state-appointed emergency manager means that if the bankruptcy filing is approved, city assets could be liquidated to satisfy demands for payment.

Wait a minute, didn’t Barack Obama say that he “refused to let Detroit go bankrupt” less than a year ago?

Everything is fine, but continuing claims for unemployment benefits just spiked to the highest level since early 2009.

Everything is fine, but in the month of June spending at restaurants fell by the most that we have seen since February 2008.


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  • Greg Burton

    Well, it was either:

    *Prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, making beggars out of all of us
    *Punish the banking cartel’s multi-billion dollar drug-money laundering
    *Investigate and punish the Bush-CIA-mafia S&L pillage
    *Investigate why jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China even as we are about to go to war with China as it threatens the western economy (national security)
    *Stop the looting and privatization of the world’s social safety net and public space
    *Investigate who was really behind 9/11 that touched off the serial, never-ending wars of pillage against the nation-states of the world, creating the pretext for the massive police state edifice threatening the freedoms of everyone.


    The DHS buys 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets, send thousands of tanks to US cities and towns, fly thousands of soon to be weaponized spy drones over everywhere, make being homeless, jobless and hungry a crime, create the conditions for martial law (false-flag) and open up the FEMA camps for the orderly disposal of those whose lives were deliberately destroyed by these criminal acts.

    • Ricky Ross

      The first part of what you said above, would never happen as we would have to have a properly functioning justice system to accomplish all of that. We should never expect to use the corrupt system, to fix the corrupt system.

    • Clyde Weathers

      Well stated. All of this for endless homo orgies while making Jerusalem the capital of the world.

    • Ed Troyer

      Good summary.

  • Harry Berry

    I know that it will happen fast. Hope Babylon folds and fast. We can rebuild it from the ashes.

  • Harry Berry

    Let’s go for QE TP and make toilet paper as valuable as currency.

  • Kukye

    The deception lasted long enough – about a hundred years.

    I mean what do you expect when your grasp exceeds your reach? They operated America under a deficit and credit agenda. The goal was DEFICIT operations.

    So in comes the Federal Reserve and the income tax scheme in 1913. A socialist principle. All designed for deficit operations and income slavery. Now the debt is so huge it’s almost a fairy tale to be told to grandchildren.

    HOW MIGHTY that crash will be. It will take the whole world down. WW3 and a path of “scorched earth” policy will become normal. So will RAGE!

  • Saved4Glory

    Ben Bernanke told you when it would happen two days ago, PAY CLOSER ATTENTION. He said the rates would raise in 2015. I think 14 Sept 2015 based on extra research.

  • Mary Brown

    We have never left the depression that is dragging the USA down to third world status. All the while the top 1% get richer and richer by manipulating the markets.

  • arizona

    THERE ain’t nothing can be done to fix the government,THE MASSES of americans have been raised to support government terrorism,AND THEY WILL fight to the death to keep them in power ,even if it means the death of their own family,LEAVE THE CITIES NOW,their going to nuke all the big cities,REMEMBER these bankers AREN’T AMERICANS,they don’t care about YOU AT ALL and they dam sure don’t care if america is destroyed,as a matter of fact,destroying america will save them from being HANGED,you’ll have to fight your neighbors,who will die protecting the government,FROM ANYONE TRYING TO SAVE AMERICA,and it can’t be saved,SO STOP TRYING,and think about YOUR family,what can you do to save them,thats all that matters right now,YOUR ABOUT TO BE IN A WAR,RED DAWN,like it or not,the foreign troops are HERE and they don’t care about you at all,them and the POLICE GANGS will be coming after anyone who resists,LOOK AT HOW THEIR gearing up,this is to come after anyone who refuses the MARK OF THE BEAST..,SO GET READY NOW,your out of time,and the LORD has warned his people, are you one of them?,if not you better realize,HE WILL PROTECT HIS OWN,.from the EVIL coming on america,and the rest will die fighting for the loser,LUCIFER,thats their daddy…don’t be one of them…………………

  • arizona

    THE BIBLE is a book of future events,thats why they don’t want you reading it,TRY READING REVELATIONS,at the back of YOUR BIBLE,it will make you mad when you realize,YOU HAVE BEEN LIED to about everything by YOUR demon government,BUT the good thing is you will become aware of all the lies they have told you to enslave you,and rob you blind,THERES AN OLD WAR SAYING,when the flack is the worst,you must be over the target,THATS WHY THEY ATTACK THE BIBLE,do you get it yet?