Economic Collapse of Historic Proportions | Gregory Mannarino

– The House (and after this interview was recorded also the Senate) votes to raise the debt limit. The debt bubble will burst and poses the “greatest threat to human kind” (1:28)
– The bond market will implode (6:17)
– Instead of being backed by sometime of value, the dollar is now backed by a liability of the American taxpayer.* The economy is built on an illusion and will inevitably end in collapse (8:27)
– Inexpensive ways to prepare (11:20)
– Janet Yellen’s frightening Congressional testimony* (14:57)
– YOU must take action and inform others about how to prepare for the financial calamity ahead (20:36)
This interviewed was recorded on Feb 11th, 2014.
*See resources below

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Chair Janet L. Yellen’s Congressional testimony — LINK ?…, “Is U.S. currency still backed by gold?” — LINK ?…

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