Ecuador Tungurahua VOLCANIC ERUPTION!! Repeated explosions are rocking Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano, which is also shooting out chunks of molten rock

Tungurahua volcano (Ecuador) is in full eruption today complete with locally heavy ashfall and pyroclastic flows which, combined with rainfall, generate a potential lahar hazard in drainages surrounding the volcano. The Tungurahua seismogram (station RETU) has been saturated with strong volcanic tremor since early this morning. EPN reports at least two large explosions today which generated ash clouds that rose to above 7 km height.




Repeated explosions are rocking Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano, which is also shooting out chunks of molten rock. The country’s National Geophysics Institute says that a constant plume of gas and ash is rising about half a mile (1 kilometer) above the crater on Monday, with ash falling on nearby communities. Some of those towns are being evacuated for safety. The renewed eruption began last week and plumes on Sunday rose as high as 3 miles (5 kilometers) above the 16,479-foot (5,023-meter) crater.


the volcano in Kamchatka Peninsula, russia is still erupting as well




John Seach@johnseach
#Paluweh volcano, Indonesia. Volcanic ash to 11,000 ft altitude extending 30 nautical miles north on 18 December 2012.

John Seach@johnseach
#Lokon volcano #Sulawesi. 800 explosions since July 2012.

John Seach@johnseach
#Indonesia. 20 volcanoes on raised alert. 18 December 2012.

John Seach@johnseach
#Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. 1 km wide lava flow on the coastal plain 17 December 2012. Small lava ocean entry.

John Seach@johnseach
#Fuego volcano, Guatemala. 14 explosions at summit and 200 m lava flow on 17 December 2012.

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#Vanuatu. Volcanic sulphur dioxide plume extending from #Erromango to #Maewo. 17 December 2012.

John Seach@johnseach
#Tungurahua volcano, 17th December. Incandescent explosions 200 m above crater. Lava avalanches to elevation 1000 m down flank.

John Seach@johnseach
#Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador. Eruption on 16 December 2012 generated airwave which broke windows. Pyroclastic flows near summit


Tuesday 18 December 2012
Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador
Eruptions of Tungurahua volcano, Ecuador on 16th December created air waves which broke windows in nearby towns. Pyroclastic flows occurred on the upper flanks of the volcano. Ash emissions reached 3 km above the summit. The eruption was associated with new magma intrusion under the volcano.





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