Edward Snowden ‘flees to RUSSIA’: NSA whistleblower leaves Hong Kong helped by Wikileaks after U.S. push to have him extradited for trial in America

  • Hong Kong confirms Edward Snowden has got on flight to Moscow
  • WikiLeaks said it is helping him and its legal advisors are with him on plane
  • It is thought he will travel on to another country like Iceland or Ecuador
  • Yesterday Snowden was charged in a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia
  • He faces 30 years for charges including unauthorized communication of national defence information and theft of government property
  • Hong Kong said it could not extradite him before he left because US request ‘did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law’


Wikileaks has helped US whistleblower Edward Snowden flee Hong Kong, it claimed today.

The National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence technician had been hiding in the city but caught a flight out to Moscow this morning, the Hong Kong government confirmed.

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In a statement, WikiLeaks said its legal advisors were on the plane with Snowden and they would help ‘secure is safety’ at his ‘final destination’.

The whistleblower is expected to travel on to another country after landing in Russia. WikiLeaks did not reveal which one it would be, but it is expected to be Iceland or Ecuador as he is likely to be able to claim political asylum there.

In tweets from its official account, Wikileaks said: ‘WikiLeaks has assisted Mr. Snowden’s political asylum in a democratic country, travel papers ans [sic] safe exit from Hong Kong.

‘Mr. Snowden is currently over Russian airspace accompanied by WikiLeaks legal advisors.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2346765/Edward-Snowden-Whistleblower-left-Hong-Kong-Russia-help-Wikileaks-day-US-charges-spying.html#ixzz2X2b4tPKe


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