Egypt Threatens Sabotage Ethiopian Dam

Egyptian Pols Threaten Ethiopian Dam

Top Egyptian politicians threatened to sabotage an Ethiopian dam while exchanging anti-Israel slurs during a Monday meeting with President Mohamed Morsi that was filmed without their knowledge.

“We shall resort to any option one can imagine in order to protect our water security,” one lawmakers says about an Ethiopian hydroelectric dam that Egyptians fear would cut off their water reserves.

Egypt: Fears Grow Over Ethiopia Dam Plans

Egypt is not ruling out military action against a controversial dam being built along the Nile River in Ethiopia, but says it wants to explore diplomatic channels to resolve the dispute.

On Monday, senior Egyptian politicians were caught on camera discussing whether to destroy the dam which, they say, could threaten Egypt’s existence.

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Egyptian politicians caught on air threatening, taunting Ethiopia over dam 

Several Egyptian politicians were caught on state television threatening and taunting Ethiopia over a dam dispute after not being warned the meeting would be broadcast.

The comments, which were picked up during a meeting with President Mohammed Morsi, center on the construction of Ethiopia’s $4.2 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which aims to divert the flow of the Blue Nile tributary for hydroelectric power.

Egyptian politicians caught in on-air Ethiopia dam gaffe

Egyptian politicians are embarrassed after being caught suggesting hostile acts against Ethiopia to stop it from building a dam across the Blue Nile.

They were inadvertently heard on live TV proposing military action at a meeting called by President Mohammed Morsi.



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