Egypt verse Israel Committing Genocide in Palestine

Free Palestine!

Jews stepping on Christians in Palestine!

and never try to commit Genocide against Anyone again!

I think that Egypt has some good negotiating points against Israel!


When the Germans tried to squeeze the Jews (which turned into Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC filled with BULLSHIT EXAGERATIONS!) America stepped up to help the War Effort Against the Evil in Germany!


I am a Numbers Guy.. so when the numbers don’t add up? I get concerned. I am not saying that bad things didn’t occur, I am just saying that MAYBE? We have been over sold on the Boogie Man! More Americans Died Fighting in World War 2 than Jews. Now that’s a FACT! But that doesn’t get promoted the same way as the Jews bearing the Brunt of Nazi atrocities.

Here is some more info on How the Zionists have SPUN and are still Spinning the truth that is Pumped into People’s Homes 24 hours a day 7 days a week in Heavy Rotation.


and here is ANOTHER Numerical Fact!

The Largest Lobby’s get the Most Tax Dollars.. Imagine that the people who pay the Congress and the Senate the Most! Get the MOST! Tax dollars back in return! (Plus Tax Breaks which are different than Tax credits! But they get those too! And as well as outright Subsidies!)

So the Largest Lobby’s get the Most back from our Government! And we the Working Class pay for these pay backs for the Lobby Dollars that got stuffed in the Congress and Senates Pockets!

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and let us NOT! Forget!! Israel is NOW! FULLY!! FUNDED!! By the Federal Reserve to Purchase U.S. Stocks!

Thank God the Federal Reserve is propping up the Central Bank in Israel! Because there is NO WAY!! That Poor Israel with one of the Lowest un-employment Rates in the World! Would be able to afford anything without the Billions of Dollars a Year in AIDE! That the United States provides!

SO! Israel that is TO POOR!! to survive without American Assistance is NOW!! Buying American Stocks! Fully Funded! By the Federal Reserve!


Thank God Israel had enough Money to Lobby Washington DC with!

Israel or Jewish Organizations are the 2 nd Largest Lobby in America! They provide Rivers of money to Congress and the Senate! And I won’t even touch on the White House!

The 1 st Place Lobby title goes to Wall Street! And as Luck would have it for Israel! Wall Street is Managed by 80% Jews!

I am not even sourcing Wall Street Lobby habits, it is everywhere and you should know that ALREADY! And if you don’t what I am sharing will NOT be able to help you.


Lucky Israel!!


NOW! America supplies the Arms to the Nazi’s! Oops! I mean Zionists! So that they can Crush Palestine! And the best bi-product of this Squeeze Play is all the Crazy Fundamentalists who then want to destroy America! LOL!!


In Bahrain! America via Saudi Arabia supplies arms to a Minority Puppet King! LOL! And the same Squeeze Play to help create the Crazy Fundamentalists.. who then want to destroy America! LOL!!






Africa (where ever there is Oil!) is on America’s Squeeze Play create crazies list of things to do as well!


Israel gets Money!!

America gets FEAR!!

FEAR!! Is used to Strip Americans of Their Constitutional Rights!

America’s tax dollars are used to Create Angry Muslims!

And this is Working SOOOOO! WELL!!

The best Video I have seen to date on 9-11 FEAR!!!


–  JW n FL


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