Environmental Fascism: The Ecofascists Are Slowly But Surely Taking Over America

By Michael Snyder


The environmental fascists believe that if people are allowed to have large amounts of freedom and liberty that the planet will literally be destroyed.  That sounds crazy, but that is what they actually believe.  Left to our own devices, they are fully convinced that global warming and out of control pollution will transform the earth into an uninhabitable hellhole.  Therefore, they believe that it has become necessary to strictly manage human behavior “for the good of the environment”.  With each passing year, the control of the social planners gets even tighter.  Today, they have banned certain kinds of light bulbs, they are putting mandatory “smart meters” into our homes, and they have instituted all kinds of ridiculous regulations concerning what you can do with your own land.  Tomorrow, they plan to put “black boxes” into our vehicles and move most of us into “stack-and-pack” housing that has communal bathrooms and no elevators.  There is a reason why these people are called ecofascists.  The “true believers” of the environmental fascism movement actually believe that they are “saving the world” by being control freaks.  They truly believe that they know better than the rest of us, and they love to get into positions of political power so that they can impose their will on everyone around them.

The environmental fascists are constantly “pushing the envelope” and doing whatever they can to use the power of the government to impose new rules on all the rest of us.  Most of the time, Americans just take it without ever fighting back.  For example, a car wash for a high school cheerleading squad was recently shut down because the cheerleaders were “in violation of water discharge laws“…

It’s hard to wave your spirit fingers when the city shuts down the cheerleading squad’s fundraising car wash to protect the environment.

This is what happened to Lincoln High School cheerleaders trying to raise money to attend a national competition in April. The San Jose Mercury reports that local environmental officials warned the high school cheerleaders that their car wash violated the city’s water discharge laws.

“We had a visit from the city of San Jose Environmental Services Department who said that the car washes at Hoover [Middle School] are in violation of water discharge laws, therefore we had to cancel this and all future car washes,” said an email that was sent out to neighborhood email lists on Oct. 18.

Fortunately, there are some Americans that are still willing to stand up and fight back against this emerging ecofascism.  A recent Businessweek article profiled one north Idaho couple that is vigorously fighting back against the ridiculous demands of the EPA…

Four years ago the Sacketts were filling in their lot with dirt and rock, preparing to build a simple three-bedroom home in a neighborhood where other houses have stood for years. Then three federal officials showed up and demanded they stop construction. The agency claimed the .63-acre lot was a wetland, protected under the Clean Water Act.

The Sacketts say they were stunned. The owners of an excavation company, they had secured all the necessary local permits. And Chantell Sackett says that before work began, she drove two hours to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to consult with an Army Corps of Engineers official. She says the official told her orally, though not in writing, that she didn’t need a federal permit. “We did all the right things,” she says.

The EPA issued an order requiring the Sacketts to put the land back the way it was, removing the piles of fill material and replanting the vegetation they had cleared away. The property was to be fenced off and the Sacketts would be required to submit annual reports about its condition to the EPA. The agency threatened to fine them up to $32,500 a day until they complied.

Sadly, this kind of thing is happening all over the nation.  The EPA is completely and totally out of control, and they seem to be obsessed with making life absolute hell for farmers and private landowners.

But over in Europe, environmental fascism is actually even worse than it is in the United States.  In fact, one new regulation that was recently implemented bans Europeans from owning large vacuum cleaners

Incandescent light bulbs have already been removed from the shelves. Next being removed are larger size vacuum cleaners. Germany’s online flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports: “Beginning September 2014 in the EU only vacuum cleaners that consume less than 1600 watts may be sold. From 2017 only a maximum of 900 watts will be allowed.”

Ultimately, the ecofascists intend to manage virtually every detail of our lives, because literally everything that we do “affects the environment” in some way.

According to the Los Angeles Times, one of the next things they hope to do is to put “black boxes” in our vehicles that they can use to tax us and track the “damage” that we are doing to the environment…

As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see a solution in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car.

The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads.

The usually dull arena of highway planning has suddenly spawned intense debate and colorful alliances. Libertarians have joined environmental groups in lobbying to allow government to use the little boxes to keep track of the miles you drive, and possibly where you drive them — then use the information to draw up a tax bill.

What I find humorous about the above excerpt is that the L.A. Times is trying to get us to believe that this is something that “libertarians” actually want.

Another thing that the ecofascists have planned for the future is to move much of the population into “eco-friendly” stack-and-pack living environments.  These stack-and-pack living environments were described in a recent article by Suzanne Eovaldi

A typical stack-and-pack living area in the 200 square foot APodment bulding in Sammamish, WA is already developed. Occupant Judy Green (Seattle Times 5-12-13) “shares the kitchen with seven other tenants on the second floor.”  With no elevators, she has to walk up and down six flights of stairs to get to her loft! Bathrooms often are communal; no or few cars are allowed because of global warming.

The ultimate goal is for the government to watch, track, monitor and control everything that we do “for the good of humanity”.

And of course this emerging “Big Brother” control grid has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.  In fact, it is being reported that the United States spied on 60 million Spanish phone calls in just one single month recently, and according to CNN, the U.S. had even been spying on the private phone conversations of 35 foreign leaders…

The release of further allegations of National Security Agency surveillance efforts caused the Spanish government to summon the U.S. ambassador Monday, and The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House ordered a halt to some eavesdropping on foreign leaders after learning of it this summer.

Quoting unidentified U.S. officials, the newspaper’s website said the wiretapping of about 35 foreign leaders was disclosed to the White House as part of a review of surveillance programs ordered by President Barack Obama after NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked classified information on the NSA’s phone monitoring systems.

The White House ordered a halt to the monitoring of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and unspecified other leaders, the newspaper reported. The Journal report did not specify who gave the shutdown order or the date it was issued.

And this “control grid” is getting much tighter and much more oppressive on the local level as well.  For example, just check out what happened to one Texas woman recently

A Texas woman was arrested, strip-searched and jailed for an overdue traffic ticket Wednesday, a local CBS affiliate first reported.

Sarah Boaz said she was cuffed outside her Richland Hills home by an officer who was waiting for her when she stepped out to go to work, the New York Daily News reported.

The officer told her a warrant had been issued for her arrest after she failed to pay a summons for running a stop sign in August. Mrs. Boaz admitted that she didn’t pay the fine because she lost the summons.

“I’m like nobody puts out a bench warrant after 60 days,” she told the Daily News. “Why would you do that?”

Mrs. Boaz said she was forced to step into a jail cell and remove her clothes for a search. Her family bailed her out within a couple of hours.

When most people read about stuff like this, they are absolutely outraged.

But the ecofascists actually love this kind of stuff.  They want an all-powerful government that will have the power to force people to do “what is right for the environment”.  In fact, many of them actually believe that the planet will not survive if government does not behave in such a manner.

In the end, they are not going to settle for anything less than total control.  They want to control where you live, what kind of work you do, what kind of transportation you use and even how many children you have.

It is a totalitarian system wrapped up in a “save the world” package.

And right now, the ecofascists are steadily gaining ground.  If they are going to be defeated, people need to start standing up for freedom and liberty while they still can.

  • frankn

    They are the true al-queda.

    • Carlos

      Al Qaeda ! Dummy.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Actually, they’re descendants of the Bolsheviks who seized control of Russia in 1918. What a monstrous bunch they were; murdered some 20 million of their own people; and, on top of that, were totally unable to grow wheat.

  • thoiter

    They are right, up to a point. I don’t agree with much of their agenda, but your vision of the world is even worse. In a world with finite resources and a rapidly rising population, it’s not possible to have complete freedom, without impacting the planet negatively for future generations. The “have everything now” mentality is based on short-sightedness and greed.

    • jay67

      Unfortunately, a common sense middle ground would require all zealots be removed from the equation. Good luck, their lust for power and control is endless.

  • Den

    And everyone of them is a leftist, liberal.

    • Dimitri Ledkovsky

      And all of them have ten thumbs and wouldn’t know which end of a shovel to use to dig themselves out of the manure pile they’re sitting in.

  • C101

    The Marxist WaterMelons aren’t invading they’re already here and stand on solid ground. Funded up the wing wang by Soros Foundation, Rockefeller brothers, Tides Foundation and the clowns in Washington. It’s all part of the Globalist One World Agenda set up in Rio at the UNCED earth summit back in 1992. Agenda 21 isn’t a boogie man fairytale.

    • Eat at Joe’s

      if you want to see where A21 attacks us, go to your county website and look up the county’s General Plan. This is the document that lays out future zoning, air/ water. roads, development, etc. This is specifically the document that ICLEI is targeting.
      Our county is about to pass the revised GP, which includes 500 pages of environmental hoops.
      The most ominous provision is that we must reduce our GHG by 80% by 2035.
      ICLEI was, is or will be at your county- and you will get the same shaft.
      This is not a joke or conspiracy theory. They want you and businesses to cut down and use only 1/5 of GHG producing activities that you use today!
      Please- just try to imagine using 80% less than you do today- that is third world!!!!

      • Otto Von Bismarck

        They are going to deindustrialize the West and turn it into another Soviet Union. This left-wing shit thrive on decay and dragging everything down to the lowest common denominator. Russia is the place to be now as they have cast off the Jewish/Bolshevik yolk and are becoming prosperous and their people have hope. Hitler did the same with Germany so, it was destroyed. War will ultimately be declared on Russia too, after they have butchered the Middle-East for International Jewry. No-one is allowed self determination, culture, heritage or to be free from the banking system.

        • Eileen Kuch

          They will only be committing suicide by declaring war on Russia, as Russia has a larger nuclear stockpile than they have, and better means of delivering the death blow.

          Russia 1, Ecofascists 0

  • matti81


    • Ruby

      Calling the ‘Global warming’ junk science out for what is is has nothing to do with oil refineries. It has nothing to do with saving the planet either. The same scum that pollute the oceans and rape the earth are the same scum behind the ‘Global warming’ bullshit, don’t you get it yet bell-end? It’s about more control and profit for them, whilst the serfs make do with less and less. There is ample on this planet for everyone if it wasn’t run by selfish, egotistical, corrupt megalomaniacs.

      • matti81

        “Global warming bullshit” Oh really? so the majority of the worlds leading scientists who study the climate are wrong? tell me, how many peer reviewed articles have you written on climatology? where are your credentials? I’m sorry, do you have special information that contradicts what that these leading scientists have said?

        • Spellbound

          Are you seriously still trying to convince people the world is warming up? Get a grip you deluded idiot. These ‘leading scientists’ you talk of are just institutionalized, conformist, boot-lickers who will always tow the line because of personal gain. Any that dare stand up to these bigoted, left-wing narcissists will be removed, as only conformists are welcome. ‘Credentials’, ‘special information’? Yes, what my senses tell me and reading all the e-mails from corrupt ‘scientists’ working at East Anglia University had written to each other, trying to cover-up the fact it is all a scam.

          • matti81

            “Are you seriously still trying to convince people the world is warming up? Get a grip you deluded idiot”

            Such a persuasive and scientifically astute statement. Really.

            “institutionalized, conformist, boot-lickers who will always tow the line because of personal gain”

            In other words, “I don’t like what dem stoopid scientists say, so deyz wrong.” Gotchya!

            “only conformists are welcome. ‘Credentials’, ‘special information’?”

            I’m assuming that when you want to see a doctor, you go to the teenager working at Mcdonalds and ask for a diagnoses because you sure as hell never ask for any credentials, cuz you know, that’d be all “conformist” and all.

            “Yes, what my senses tell me and reading all the e-mails from corrupt ‘scientists'”

            You must be American. Only an American can be this profoundly stupid and misinformed. Actually what you are referring to is what the denialists labeled “climategate”, which has been thoroughly debunked a looong time ago. Where have you been, under a bloody rock?

            The fact of the matter is that you don’t care about the facts. You aren’t looking to be persuaded with facts. You have already made up your mind a long time ago. Therefore it is safe to say that you are an ignoramus and a complete waste of pixel space. Good day!

  • Dave C

    I admit that ‘ecoleftists’ tend to be very narrowminded in their ‘smart minds’. But when I read stuff like this, I sometimes get a feeling it is meant to stir feelings of hate for other people, other groups… The majority of lefties are pretty aware of being screwed over by government, big banks, control groups, etc… If we polarize stuff like this, we might end up bashing eachother’s head in. And isn’t that what tptb want after all?…

    • Eileen Kuch

      And, these same “ecoleftists” have NO belief in God, either; otherwise, they wouldn’t be spewing out all this BS about “global warming” and “must save the planet from humanity”. They’re the ones guilty of Crimes against Humanity and must be all arrested and prosecuted for these crimes.

  • Lesa Lal

    UN agenda 21 NWO plan

  • matti81

    IT’S THE JOOOZ! IT’S THE LEEEBRULS! ITS THE LEFTISTS! IT’S CUZ DEYZ AREN’T CHRISTIAN! you Americans are SCREWED, and good riddance! you’re so clueless, ignorant and backwards, is it any wonder the world looks on you with derision? you’re a sick sick nation.

    • The toxic Ilya Ehrenburg

      America is run by the Jewish lobby groups and deranged Zionists. If America could get rid of these parasitical, mass murdering ticks, they might be able to save their country. Everyone knows who really carried out 9/11 as well.

  • Scottar

    I have posted a message twice in response to

    matti81 claim about the climate scientist consensus yet It never appears. Makes me wonder about the integrity of this website.

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