Epic! Watch Local Traffic Reporter Give Hillary Supporters Directions To Canada

Remember all those celebrities who promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump won the election? We didn’t forget, and neither did this Oklahoma traffic reporter, who was kind enough to broadcast directions to Canada for all those who promised to flee. Will these celebrities actually follow their own promise and leave? Don’t count on it. — Dear Liberals – Canada has very strict immigration laws & will monitor you . Since you like free, you can walk right into Mexico, for free. — Dear Liberals, if you hate strict immigration laws, why not denounce the countries that have them: Canada, Mexico….Well? *Hypocrites. — Not sure the “not my president” Trump Protesters have the skills needed to qualify for immigration to Canada.

RT: Canadians pledge their own wall to block Trump-fleeing US liberals
Townhall: These 23 Celebrities Said They’ll Leave The Country If Trump Wins
Twitchy: Epic! Watch Local Traffic Reporter Give Hillary Supporters Directions to Canada


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  • doodaa

    WTG Oklahoma!!!! For 52 years I have relished the friendly UT/OU rivalry at the Cotton Bowl. Hope to see you in downtown Dallas for the “Pep-Rally”. OU Sucks!……….LOL. We have had common ground for years! Feel free to tell me about UT my firends!!

  • L Garou

    So relieved to see already people are reclaiming their humor, after the last years of tip toeing around in fear of being called every name in the book and/or fired for telling an effing joke!

  • James Woroble Jr


  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    warren buffet. biggest single recipient of the $700 billion dollar taxpayer funded too big to jail bailout.

    warren buffet moved his burger king headquarters to Canada.

    then bought NV energy company
    with the left over loot.

  • Guest Speaker

    Unlike the Democrats , We Trump supporters have a healty since of humor.

    • AttilaBorbo

      Too bad you guys can’t rub two brain cells together to figure out how to spell or punctuate.

  • Cajun Robear

    That is funny stuff!
    The only thing funnier is visualizing the Libs reactions… gnashing of teeth, throwing of ashtrays (heads up Bill), heads exploding.
    Life is good again.

  • Johnny Canuck

    I have met Americans kind of scouting our fair Country a few years ago, so that was not anything to do with Mr. Trump, but probably because of Obama and the slo-mo sinking that was occurring.

    My only advice to newly-arrived Americans is: “Don’t eat the yellow snow”. Canadian Children are taught that at an early age and it has done me well, I must say.

    Cheers to America and the American People who still have any sanity. The PC crap is here too, unfortunately, so it’s not just an American thing.

    • Zone43

      Sorry but libtards love yellow snow, they eat up all the filth they can, they live in it their entire life.

      • Johnny Canuck

        Heh-heh! Nobody said they were very intelligent.

    • AttilaBorbo

      Feel free to move to good ol’ USA now that Emperor Trump is in charge. We won’t miss you.