Erdogan: Mass Protest In Turkey AND Brazil Is A Global Conspiracy

In a speech in the Central Anatolian Kayseri he suspected an ominous “center” was behind all the mass demonstrations in the world, especially in Brazil and Turkey. They are “the same masks, the same slogans”, it’s the same international media in both cases, Facebook and Twitter, it is thus clear that behind the protests in Brazil and in Turkey, “a common center” stand that try to “destabilize” these countries.

Erdogan claims bankers and foreign powers behind unrest in Turkey and Brazil

Erdogan’s Conspiracy Theory On Protests In Turkey, Brazil



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  • Greg Burton

    Yes! Brother Erdogan is right: it is a global conspiracy! They are both part of the Secret Society, globalist Satanic scum plot to create a fascist NWO, with them running the show.

    In Turkey, the protests, while genuinely based, are ultimately the cover to break up Turkey as part of creating a “Free Kurdistan”, from part of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq…the oil delivery pipeline grid to Haifa, Israel; and for dear brother Erdogan, the cover to flee into exile, to sit on his nice fat nest egg in some off-shore tax haven.

    And, as for Brazil? A concocted color-coded, “Arab Spring”, Occupy revolution, c/o of some triggering mechanism to incite the public, led by some small, well-funded, Optor-trained cadre of techies designed to over-turned one of the main BRICs players attempting to free themselves from the satanic central banking/drug cartel centered on the City of London, enforced by Israel, its Geo-political state player.

    It is a plot, but not by the little people. Although our grievances are the same: freedom from tyranny of the Satanic ruling class, our methods are entirely disjointed, disintegrated, and our grass-roots movements are being co-opted by the same occult crooks who enslaved us in the first place.