EU Doom Is Expanding: 2013 PORTUGUESE BUDGET DROP DEAD BY CONSTITUTIONAL COURT! This Is An Hole In The Budget of One Billion Euros!!! No ‘plan B’ And Germans Openly Debating Euro Exit On TV!

The Constitutional Court shall pluck the state budget that is in place.
TVI knows that in the preliminary report, the judges have plumbed two standards: the suspension of the holiday allowance for pensioners and pensioners’ solidarity tax on pensions above 1,350 euros.

These two measures are equivalent to more than a billion euros and were among the three standards that have raised questions to the President.

Just a suspension of subsidies Civil Service should pass the scrutiny of the Constitutional.

If confirmed this dual lead, the government has one more hole to solve budget.

The final decision is about to be released.—economia/orcamento-chumbo-tribunal-constitucional-tvi24/1431892-6377.html

According to TVI24 reported among the rules deemed unconstitutional are the cuts in holiday pay and pension reforms to solidarity levy above 1350 euros per month.

The two rules in question, casting doubt to the President of the Republic, Cavaco Silva, if sinkers, represent a hole in the budget of one billion euros.

Debt Bomb on the Brink of Explosion

The suspension of the holiday allowance for pensioners and the extraordinary contribution of solidarity should be leaded by the Constitutional Court.

The news was advanced last night by TVI and is featured on Friday’s Sun newspaper

The Constitutional Court (TC) should pluck two measures of the State Budget. The judges are preparing to declare unconstitutional suspension of the holiday allowance for pensioners and extraordinary contribution of solidarity pensions exceeding 1350 euros.

No ‘plan B’

The hypothesis does not limit the TC lead to pensions gained weight in the corridors of the Assembly after the so-called ‘Pinhal effect’ – the movement of wealthy retirees, led by Filipe Pinhal, former president of BCP, crying against huge cuts reforms in its ‘golden’. CDS PCP, several party leaders think “implausible” that the TC to make a decision that benefits only those retirees.

But it would be more accommodated the decision by the Executive, which has Vítor Gaspar said and repeated his colleagues that has no ‘plan B’ ready. And many repeat that there is no way to accommodate a lead, even, pensions. “There is no slack, no ‘plan B’,” summarizes a leader to SOL.


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As the Bank Run Hits Cyprus, Dr Cowie Hits Hong Kong

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Germans openly debating euro exit on TV

Germans are becoming increasingly hostile to the euro – with opposition centred in conservative states such as Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. These states are being hurt by higher equalisation payments and are increasingly opposed to endless bailouts. Many are starting to view the euro as harming the cause of European unity rather than helping it.

Many Germans are becoming increasingly irritated by the sort of pettifogging regulations that have long been a source of tabloid mockery in Britain. That they are imposed by the unelected European Commission merely adds insult to injury. Is it surprising then, that many Bavarians are openly demanding the return of a Free State – free from the guidelines imposed by Brussels and Berlin?

A new party known as “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) will be standing for elections to the German Bundestag in September. This party, comprised of university professors, former industrial chiefs as well as businessmen, advocates for a German euro exit (“Gerxit’?).

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PORTUGAL’S COELHO SAY COUNTRY WONT END UP LIKE CYPRUS (Yes, there are no so many Russians in Lissabon)

Douglas Carswell MP‏@DouglasCarswell4 min
If new #cyprus deal goes thru, why wld anyone in Portugal, Greece or Spain deposit more than Euro100k in a domestic bank?


WE DECIDE TODAY IF CYPRUS STAYS IN EURO – HEAD OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF CYPRUS! Germany Rejects Cyprus Pension Fund Plan! People Are Running Out of Cash, Petrol Stations In Fear of Closing Down! Cyprus’ Central Banker Thinks Confiscating Deposits Is The Preferred Solution!! $900 Million Says Euro Crashes In 2 Weeks!

$900 Million Says Euro Crashes In 2 Weeks: PUT Trade Rocks London Options Market

Someone has placed a GIGANTIC $900 million EURO PUT trade on the Euro to crash vs. the dollar within 2 weeks.  Is this a ‘smart bet’ by someone who has seen the writing on the wall with the situation in Cyprus or does someone have inside knowledge that something big is about to happen? Beware! We have seen this before as shared in the videos below; in fact, it happened prior to September 11th, 2001, and we ALL saw what happened thereafter.

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