Euro Area in ‘Deep Trouble’: Eurogroup Discussed Cypriot Euro Exit, Threatens to Cut Cyprus Funding on Monday (March 25), Capital Controls In Teleconference, Cypriots Prefer Euro-Zone Exit Over EU Tax, British Savings Are Put At Risk

The ECB Just Gave Cyprus Its Drop Dead Date
Next Monday is the drop dead date by Cyprus.

If Cyprus doesn’t have a deal in place by then, the ECB will not provide its banks the emergency liquidity assistance they need to continue to operate.

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Cypriots prefer euro-zone exit over EU tax: report

An overwhelming majority of the citizens in Cyprus would rather leave the euro zone than accept an unprecedented levy on bank deposits as part of bailout package, Greek daily Ekathimerini reported on Thursday, citing a survey by Prime Consulting. The survey found that 91% of the Cypriots back the government’s decision to reject the proposed bank-deposit tax, while 67% preferred a euro-zone exit along with stronger ties to Russia….

ECB to Cyprus: You Have Four Days to Strike a Deal


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So this is what “Positive Contagion” means…

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LSE’s de Grauwe Says Euro Area in ‘Deep Trouble’

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Russia’s Klepach says Cypriot situation unlikely to be resolved soon. So… March 25 deadline ixnay?

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Euro Official On Cyprus: “Markets Believe We Will Find A Solution, This Might Not Be The Case”

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Russia’s Klepach says Cypriot situation unlikely to be resolved soon. So… March 25 deadline ixnay?

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RT @NickMalkoutzis: #Tsipras: #Greece is not behaving like the motherland for Cypriots but the step mother

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RT @TheLiveProject: Tsipras: Those in Eurogroup are cynical gangsters

‘Open talk’ of Cyprus leaving euro as British savings are put at risk

Unless the island signs off on a radical debt-cutting programme, the ECB will on Monday withdraw “emergency liquidity assistance” leading to the immediate collapse of the two largest Cypriot banks and a financial crash in Cyprus.

It has also emerged that talks over Cyprus leaving the EU’s single currency took place on Wednesday night between senior finance officials who have drawn up plans for capital controls to prevent a meltdown of the eurozone’s financial system.



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‘ATM run’ in Cyprus after rumors of bank shutdown (denied by regulators) — Sigma TV

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Cyprus Fix to Be Costlier, Lengthier Than Needed: Russia

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RT @BBC_Joe_Lynam: AFP sources: EU calls on Cyprus to set capital controls and merge 2 biggest banks Laiki and Bank of Cyprus.

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Cyprus solidarity fund to be submitted to parliament at 7 PM tonight local time — @ekathimerini

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The people demand a Trillion Euro Coin!

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@fiatcurrency Actually ED: European Disunion. Also, another unfortunate acronym

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Cyprus Levy Needed to Save Banks, Deposits – Eurozone official. “To save deposits, we must confiscate deposits”

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RT @YanniKouts: #Cyprus FinMin Sarris: Russia Will Not Contribute New Loan To Bailout

A top Russian official in Brussels has warned that the Cyprus debt crisis may result in a “domino effect” across the eurozone.