Every video of mine is blocked on “restricted mode”. But y’all only care about YouTube censorship when it affects you.

Twitter Shadow Bans Are Real – Explosive Leak Coming Up – Sneak Peek 1 Page Of Bans

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  • Son Athens

    Paul Josephine Twatson is a paid NWO shill. Anybody associated with Alex Jones, a paid shill/gatekeeper/controlled opposition, needs to be ignored. Paul, you are a Zionist shill supporting the terrorist states of Israhell and the United States of Assholes. Hope you end up with some holes in your head, and plenty of oozing. You are filth and a piece of rotton cuntmeat.

    • medicis

      back it up or shut your trap up. Unsubstantiated accusations are like just so much piss in the wind…..

  • bye kido

    What a precious coddled snowflake.

  • FreddyB

    Restricted mode is opt in so unless you do it yourself then no problem. More whining about shit that doesn’t matter.
    This is like whining because your cheese burger came with cheese on it.

  • RoHa

    Y’all? What’s wrong with standard English “you”? Is this an attempt at being “folksy”?