Ex-banker turns on 15 ‘big name’ politicians with secret Swiss accounts

Hollande government facing new tax evasion scandal as ex-banker turns on 15 ‘big name’ politicians with secret Swiss accounts


Condamin-Gerbier has now told the commission of 15 more politicians with undeclared bank accounts in Switzerland.

He told France’s Le Monde newspaper: ‘I can simply say that very big names in French politics figure on this list, people whose faces we are used to seeing on television. These are personalities far better known to the public than Cahuzac.

‘The list and information have been transmitted yesterday to French justice.’


Millionaires have been fleeing France in fear of a proposed 75 per cent tax on all earnings over one million euros.

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Polls have shown Hollande has become the most unpopular president in five decades, with an approval rating of just 22 per cent of the population.

A spokesman for pollsters Ifop said: ‘He claimed to be the Robin Hood president who would help the poor and sweep away the corruption of the Sarkozy years.

‘But he has been hit on all sides, by the economy, his policies, corruption and personal attacks. No president has ever been re-elected after falling as low as this.’


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