Ex CIA on deathbed – Eisenhower was going to attack Area 51, AMAZING STORY!!!

A most credible witness…. this was the most amazing interview I have ever seen on area 51




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  • Rex

    He asked to remain anonymous and you showed his face anyway? Way to go

  • dabbobean

    Very interesting…..if I had to guess I would bet he’s telling the truth.

  • Yondan

    interesting, he mentions using a swipe card to open a door at the
    beginning. The first swipe card was not developed till around 1969 1972 time frame. Just

  • Pegasus0

    Why share, google has once again taken another great video off their tubes. Pretty soon, there will be no videos left worth watching.

  • Pegasus0

    Does anyone have a transcript of this video? It must be important or CIA/GOOGLE would not have removed it.

  • David Stibbs

    “the account has been terminated.” Nuff said, your next.
    Smile, watch the birdie and wait for the flash…
    Hello HAL.