Exit Strategy for The War On Terror?

Everyday I hear more and more about the “war on terror” and how we Americans should give up our constitutional rights.  I never hear anything about an exit strategy for this war that seems to go on and on.  When did congress declare a war on these so called terrorist and authorize the President the authority to go to war?

Also who were the original writers of the NDAA?   I can’t seem to find a source that names, names.  Where did all this give up your freedoms originate?  Who is the source?  Has the internet been scrubbed of this information?


All wars have to end at some point, when will this one end?  When will I be allowed to live as a free man in my country?  Who are the terrorist?  What are there goals and how will this end?


I am tired of war, I’m fucking tired of war!  Killing people so other people can keep their cushy office jobs is bullshit.

When will the War end, why are we not demanding an end to this war.  What the fuck is wrong with us Americans?  Does everyone have to die to end this war?


We have never had complete peace and we never will so why do I have to become a slave to the government?  Why can’t I just raise my children, be a good neighbor and take care of myself.


End this war and all the others before we’re all dead!  Stop bowing down to the assholes in power and tell them enough is enough!  Stand the fuck up like a human being and respect life.

Jim Anderson