Expert: Illegal Immigrant Children Will Cost US Schools $1 Billion This Year

One billion dollars to pay for education for Obama’s illegal kids.


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  • Vic Pittman

    That comes out to six hours of the military budget … not counting veterans care. Any country that can afford to spend as much as the rest of the world combined on war and weapons should be able to feed and educate some kids.

    • Tucker

      I am certainly no supporter of these gargantuan sized expenditures on the military industrial complex, Vic – but, I flat do NOT want to see even one thin dime of the US tax payer’s money used for paying for the education of illegal, criminal stinking aliens who have no legal right to even be INSIDE the USA in the first place.

      You sound like one of these typical mentally insane ‘do-gooder’ liberals who LOVE to spend other people’s money to pay for crap that makes you feel ‘superior’ and which gives you a Chrissy Matthews ‘thrill down your leg’. Well, here is news flash for you Vic: My money is NOT your money to spend. And, neither is the money of the multiple millions of other American tax payers who are fed up with these swarms of third world human leeches and bloodsucking parasites yours to spend.

      Round these stinking crumb crunches leeches up and send them BACK TO THE THIRD WORLD GARBAGE dump they crawled out of.