Expert Warning: Time To Pull Plug? Dollar Rejection Goes Global! “It’s Happening With Increasing Speed And Frequency”… Petrodollar Panic?

With Barack Obama now officially in the “wives club” according to the ‘New World Order’ and Russia and China taking center stage as shown in the now viral picture below video,petrodollar panic has taken over as the entire world now soundly rejects the dollar as shared in the new video below from Paul Sandhu. Have America and the world run out of time on the US dollar? Does the viral picture below video show us the ‘New World Order’? Sovereign Man’s Simon Black’s dire warning shared in video – more below.


Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar & Canada / The march of global de-dollarization continues. In the last few days, China has signed direct currency agreements with Canada becoming North America’s first offshore RMB hub, which CBC reports analysts suggest “could double maybe even triple the level of Canadian trade between Canada and China,” impacting the need for Dollars.But that is not the week’s biggest Petrodollar precariousness news, as The Examiner reports, a new chink in the petrodollar system was forged as China signed an agreement with Qatar to begin direct currency swaps between the two nations using the Yuan, and establishing the foundation for new direct trade with the OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system. As Simon Black warns, “It’s happening… with increasing speed and frequency.”…


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  • Mick McNulty

    I’m sure our mainstream British politicians, America’s biggest ass-lickers, will say us working-class stiffs have an obligation to buy dollars with the last of our gold reserves in a valiant effort to save it. I think such a desperate act will come but if takes our corrupt elitist system down with it then go for it. Take all you need. Now if you want.

    • helen

      To be seen as publicly ‘relevant’, British politicians must remain the faithful lapdogs
      to US leaders and piggy back the United States in all US vile global programmes.

      When US leaders say ‘jump’, British politicians will be seen jumping around like chimps ….!

      • Rogoraeck

        Actually. I think that when the City of London say jump, British politicians & US leaders ask, “How high Sir “??

  • Rogoraeck

    Yupp…. The beginning of the END !