EXPOSED: Media Matters DEFENDS DEMOCRATS on Sex Scandals

Far-left hate group Media Matters is leading the charge against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore over allegations he had inappropriate relations with teenaged girls nearly four decades ago; but fail to mention their history in supporting liberals embroiled in despicable sex scandals.

Media Matters has a long history of supporting not only Hillary and Bill Clinton in their efforts to silence the former President’s accusers, but more recently allegations against embattled New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez, who has also been accused of inappropriate sexual relations.

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“Since Media Matters is giving these 38-year old allegations so much prominent play (and Moore denies them) – why did MM spend so much time defending Hillary Clinton – the enabler of Bill’s behavior that resulted in allegations of rape and sexual assault? And why the hasty leap to the side of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez – he too denying Moore-like charges of sex with underage girls,” wrote a site dedicated to exposing the leftist organization.


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