Facebook Refuses to Take Down “Assassinate Donald Trump” Page

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Zuckerberg commits to policing hate speech against migrants

Facebook can and will do more to take on hate speech against migrants, Mark Zuckerberg said on Friday during a visit to Berlin.

“But we’re always trying to do better,” he said. “This is an area where we recognize how sensitive it is, especially with the migrant crisis here.”

“There’s still work to do. We want to do that, but I think we hear the message loud and clear, and we’re committed to doing better. There’s not a place for this kind of content on Facebook.”

His comments came during a town hall meeting that was livestreamed around the world and,according to Bloomberg, broadcast on German television.




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  • Zaphod Braden


    • RJ O’Guillory

      …that’s funny….
      RJ O’Guillory

    • Nexusfast123

      Save humanity from a frivolous death….

  • olddog

    I don’t do ANYTHING Suckerberg..Nothing but an OPEN BORDERS TRAITOROUS POS!!!!!

  • Marie Beckett

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………How very, very interesting, AND transparent. Zaphod Braden, I think you have a brilliant idea……also try Bill Gates, Zbig Bresinski, Henry Kissinger, George Soros….etc. Let’s see what reaction that gets?

    • Eye-roll

      Well, in the interest of bipartisanship, maybe we ought first to have a similar page for Hillary? Then logically there should be no problem here, since there’s a page advocating the assassination of both parties’ front-runners, so it’ll all be even-steven. Ya think maybe?

  • idiot savant

    Zuckerberg means Sugarmountain in German. In the case of this inbred-faced dude without a foreskin, it’s more like a mountain of dogshit.

  • Grim Fandango

    It has been removed.

    But Donald better keep wearing his body armor, stay out hotel rooms above the second floor, and closely monitor the maintenance crew for his jets and helicopters. And a food taster might be a nice touch.

    • Zone43

      The joo’s are scared because the flow of our tax dollars to them may be cut off and that they were also in on the 911 crime with the Bush family.

  • Strayhorse

    WHEN the CEO’s of corporations are arrested and charged with aiding and abetting criminal activities and charged as co-conspirators, THEN, and ONLY THEN will the world see violence decrease ACROSS THE GLOBE. As it is today, those in position of power to stop the death DO NOTHING to defeat the hate; dare they promote violence to earn a dividend.

  • hvaiallverden

    You see it dont you.
    The ZioNazis aka the Khsoer Nostras controll over the media, from Twitter to Facebook, all owned by the Tribe.
    The western media incl a lott of others in the globe is doing exactly the same, the level of hate speache and lies is remacable, and on topp of it, nobody talks about WHAT Trump talks about other than throwing inuendos and generall childish shitshowling.

    We all remebr how the same entetys whines about racism, hate speak, racism and so on, as long its to their benefit and when someone like Trump popps up they loose controll on the reality they have lied us all into for decades. I have seen writers, journalists, people I really respected gone totall retard.
    But then agan, the same people are Jews/Khazars.
    Its this days I realised that level of lies we have been feed is massive.
    Ukraina is the cause of this revelations.
    In a sense I glad, and everybody notises the same.

    Trump and Putin, I hope people do notise the propaganda thrown at them both, the level is to me unpressedented. I have been to russia before Putin came into power during the dark ages when Jeltsin the western puppet ruled, into places like Rostov/Pereslav Za. and so on, all ruins after the Khosher Nostra/Jews plundered and ruined the land and the latest 20 yeas is staggering.
    I have seen inamges now from this places and they look fantasic, and brand new.
    Hehe Unbelivable.
    And people dont understand why Putin is populare, well, the sheeps dont think and the sheeps dont know anything, I hope USA can do the same, Riussia to day is shining new.

    I am infact happy, and lett us watch in awe the leauge of prestitutes digg their own grave.


  • abrealistwriter

    Just Boycott FaceBook .

  • Schmuckerberg

    Wait…people still use facebook? buahahaha

    facebook is the new myspace, the MSM of “the information super highway”…which has been around for, oh, about 25 years…longer then some have been alive on this planet.

    How do I know? Well golly gosh gee willickers, I used my smahtfone and I guuhguled it.

    Kids don”t use facebook


    Hey look Ma, I’m social networking and stuff, look at all the likes I’m getting for freebooting content….

    How YouTubers Get Screwed By Facebook Freebooting

    What is Video Freebooting and Can It Be Prevented?

  • Nam Marine


  • twinkiedooter

    No wonder FB is NUTS! The crap they ban is okay but leave up a horrible page is CrIMINAL. Anyone who is anyone DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW. I deleted my account years ago and don’t miss it one iota.

  • http://chuckmanwords.wordpress.com/ CHUCKMAN

    This is appalling.

    But it is the neo-cons and Israel Lobby which represent the most serious and determined threat to Trump.

    They are afraid that years of meaningless American wars (meaningless for American intersts) and belligerent policies which serve Israel’s most selfish interests might be coming to an end.

    And many of us, not great admirers of Trump, also believe that this is one area of some promise from this very independent-minded man.

    However, Trump and his supporters greatly underestimate the power of a president to get anything done, anything that is which goes against the established policies.

    John and Robert Kennedy very much discovered this truth in the early 1960s. The CIA and the Pentagon simply ignored them on more than one occasion.

    The Pentagon also kept pushing big plans such as an all-out nuclear attack on Russia as late as 1961. Kennedy more than once left big meetings feeling sick at his stomach and keenly aware he did not have the control a president should have.

    Truly, any change in the policies covering the Middle East would be met by massive (not open) opposition from all those who’ve worked on it for years and all those who benefit by it, and that is a very powerful and wealthy group.

    I’m convinced that all the noise over Trump reflects the first grumblings of these interests.

    If Trump does get the nomination – after all, the establishment, much like security agencies in their black operations, does not generally do things in plain view – we are going to have the dirtiest campaign on record.

    This kind of behavior from a guy like Mark Zuckerberg represents just the first whiff of a very dirty war to come.

    It will be fun to watch, but the outcome will launch us into unknown territory with a Trump victory.

  • Koolz

    Facebook has always been a CIA Op and CIA was created by the Jewish Zionist Lobby!
    Facebook of course isn’t going to remove anything against someone that the Jewish Lobby wants removed.
    Trump is in the way of There “NEW WORLD ORDER BS!”

    Oh the Rothschilds want that NEW WORLD ORDER!

    Facebook wasn’t created by some silly teenager in a college.

    Wiki-leaks is a Mossad and is always filtered through Israel.

    Wikipedia is also Mossad and is a way to control information people learn. Example everything on the Jews in Wikipedia is a LIE! And all the Wars too.

  • ddearborn


    Facebook should have its corporate charter revoked and be shut down until such time as it is properly registered as a foreign agent and fully abides by the applicable rules, regulations and laws that govern them. And in the mean time all officers of the company should be placed under arrest……for aiding and abetting. It is a Federal Felony to threaten someone under secret service protection.

  • disqus_Xx0Y3HsNsJ

    I just tried looking for it on Facebook. It’s not there. So…..

  • BillRind

    hey you little jew hypocrite satanist khazarian take the web page down or stop taking down conservative thought speaking out against the sodomite negro in the white house.

  • Rocky Sutherland

    what would happen if assassinate hilary or zukerberg was setup . Someone with too much money and power has let it get to his head, and he alone can decide what is hate. I hope when trump gets in, that people like zuker berg will answer to their own personal agenda.

  • class climber

    What if it were an assassinate Hillary page?

    • bubba

      feds would be on you like white on rice

  • bopbottle

    I think the page has probably been taken down. I couldn’t find it.

  • desertspeaks

    but they’ll tear your page down if you question the official LIES of sandyhook, 9/11, etc etc etc..

  • Alleged Comment

    Why FakeBook is phony? And why are names so not coincidental to be demeaned. Like Democrats can be Demoncraps, Demonrats, etc Facebook can be F*ckBook, Fakebook, etc.

    But anyways, this is proven that if there was a obama assassination page FakeBook would SUE the perpetrator to get it down.

    Someone post an Assassinate Trump page and all you get is an apology to SHUT UP!!! This proves the theory that certain white people are still racist and look down on the negro man and will absolutely not treat him the same way as the white man.

    Suckerberg, like Bull Gates and Warren Buffoon are all phony Demoncraps so, as they say, they won’t be killed in bed, or shot at while dining out all at your expense.

    They are DESPICABLE people!!

  • twinkiedooter

    Will the Secret Service investigate this threat and investigate FB? Probably not the way things are going. Glenn Beck yes. FB no….

  • Hrundi Bakshi

    Zuckerberg is a Satanic Jew devoted to the Zionist/Bankster takeover of the world which explains why his CIA-operated Facebook promotes Jewish-created multiculturalism and 3rd world hordes invading Western Christian nations to destroy them. Wherever Satanic Jews go they destroy nations–and their hatred for CHRISTIANS is their highest priority. Watch the youtube video of Zionist Jew Zuckerberg removing his hoodie which reveals an occult symbol inside his jacket.

    • nicu78

      Facebook is TIA – Total Information Awareness (shutdown after major outrage) – in private hands. Stupid people post pictures, personal info which in turn gets stored.
      The KGB back in the day would have been really shocked how all the social media is nothing, but a big spy operation that they did not think of.
      Instigating murder and is OK with Facebook?

  • NHamigo

    He’s a Khazar jew impersonator. Goldman Sachs (jews) lent Zuckerberg the billions of $ to start up Facebook,which he stole the idea for.

  • Koolz

    Facebook is and always has been a CIA OP. Controlled by the Zionist Jews.
    Zuckerberg didn’t create face book he just there puppet to promote it.

  • htvit in

    Facebook is garbage. I think allowing such content is potentially a felony. And I’m voting for Bernie.

  • Doc Lemm

    What the CIA wants Zuckerberg delivers…

  • bv

    I bet a million dollars the establishment is terrified of Trump because they know as President he will gain inside information about the 911 attack. They don’t want him anywhere near that information – it would be like you or me gaining access to the whole plot. That’s where my money is.

  • Brian

    Zuckerberg can take his ignorant easy-to-exploit migrants and shove them up his Zio-Ass!

  • Sam Nelson

    My family has never signed up, we have never been a part of this Jew conspiracy against white people, we have always done everything we can to inform people of the low life’s running FB and what they are really about. Get off now, you have a good reason and the plot is so clear, get off now.

  • Badger Badgerism

    I got blocked from FB for using the “N” word….but its ok to keep up a page talking about KILLING someone because..WHY? cuz its in the way of the NWO…well NOW WE SEE WHAT FACEBOOK really is about
    just confirmed DOWN WITH FACEBOOK!