‘Fair tax’ vs. flat income-tax rate debated

All of the participants at a town hall meeting Monday agreed that America’s current system of taxation doesn’t work and needs to be scrapped.

Where they differed was on what should replace it.

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, moderated a debate between Steven L. Curtis, an advocate for the “fair tax” — a national sales tax — and Curtis Dubay, who spoke in favor of a flat income-tax rate for all Americans.

About 100 people attended the event, held at the McDonald Marlite Conference Center in New Philadelphia.

Johnson opened the session by declaring that the current tax code is too big, too complex and “too onerous for the American people.” He said he favors abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, adding that if it were replaced, billions of dollars would be saved every year.

Without speaking on behalf of the fair tax or flat tax, Johnson said, “Anything is better than what we’ve got today.”

Curtis, state director for Ohio Fair Tax group, then outlined how the fair tax would work . .


IRS used only for political and social control, should be replaced with FairTax

Now is the time, more than ever, for us, the people, to act and let our congressperson hear our voice. The Internal Revenue Service’s recent incident is a catalyst that we must use to remove unfair taxes imposed on us, the people. In fact, we should remove the IRS from the tax picture, as it is only used for political and social control.





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  • markdouglas

    We do need a new tax code. Fairtax and Flat tax, however, are both goofy frauds. Im all in favor of passing Fairtax, because I want to see the Fairtax leaders move out of the country faster than Ed Snowden, when the public sees the fine print tricks.

  • Starpatriotsim

    The Fairtax just an expansion of a system that serves the same private, offshore banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve, just as the income tax served them for the first 100 years. The Fairtax calls to end the income tax, but does not eliminate social security or Medicare, in fact it props it up, and broadens the applied tax using a sales tax with predate, and doesn’t end the controllers of the system which is the Fed! The grace commission report in the early 1980s did an in depth study of this scam system and determined that not one dime goes to fund government, but instead just pays the interest on a credit system that replaced the original, constitutional American money system! Bottom line, the Fairtax just plays lip service to the notion of replacing the income tax and doesn’t go far enough to reset the entire system to something that resembles the original American money system!