Family Outraged After 6-Year-Old Suspended For Pretending To Shoot Classmates With Fingers

SILVER SPRING, Md. (WJZ) –  Debate is raging over whether a 6-year-old Maryland boy should have been suspended from school for pretending to shoot someone with his finger.

Mary Bubala reports school officials say the boy did it to three students at Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring.

A gun shooting gesture by 6-year-old Rodney Lynch to fellow students — just days after the Connecticut school shootings — got him suspended.

“I went into my desk and then I got scissors and then I just pretended it was a gun,” Lynch said.

He was sent to the office and the school called his parents about the behavior.  The school warned he could face suspension if it happened again. It did…twice.

“Just pointing her fingers like this. She did the ’pow’ sound and I just went like that. And then I got sent to the office again,” said Lynch.


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  • daynesmom

    This is absoutley crazy! I am so sick of these shootings happening and all the “pretending”!!! This boy should have absoutley been suspended. This just happened in our school where the boy pretended to shoot his whole class – a class (4K) in which my son is in! This angers me becuase this could really happen! I wouldn’t put it past a child to bring a real gun to schoo. How many times have we heard this??? It needs to end. In fact! These kids shouldn’t even be allowed in school. They are a threat to the children there to learn and have real 4 year old fun and a threat to the teachers teaching our children who are there to learn and have a safe environment! Do you really think this is too harsh to have this child gone from school for one day? I don’t. I think also, these kids should go visit a prision and see what happens to bad people who use guns. Maybe this is what we need/they need. A real scarey situation to remember forever so, they don’t hurt families! Pretending these types of things can lead to large problems down the road. I never even wanted my child to have a Nerf gun because I hate guns so much! I gave in though and make sure it’s never pointed at anyone – not even in “play”. We need to think of this a bit more – it’s NOT strict or unreasionable at all to have a child suspended for this. If anything. It’s not harsh enough!