FAR APART? Reports Say Senate Democrats Are Rebelling Against The Deal … McCain Rips Obama For Fiscal Cliff Speech

2:08 PM | Reports say Senate Democrats are rebelling against the deal 

BuzzFeed reporter Rebecca Berg tweets that Democratic sources say liberal Senators, including Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and others, marched into Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office this afternoon to voice their dissatisfaction with the deal.

2:28 PM | Sen. John McCain is ripping into Obama for his fiscal cliff speech. 

Just minutes after Obama’s remarks, McCain launched into an epic rant on the Senate floor, slamming the President for not taking the fiscal cliff seriously.

“It’s time to stop the cheerleading, it’s time to stop the campaigning — the President won,” McCain said, slamming his podium for emphasis. “Isn’t it time to govern?”

Obama, McCain said, “laughs and jokes and ridicules Republicans. Why?”

“That’s not the way presidents should lead!”