Far Right Puts France On The Verge of Nervous Breakdown!

A year after the election of François Hollande, the far right, Marine Le Pen, eliminated left a piecemeal legislative and may become the largest party in France, in 2014 elections. The legislative election taking place today (second round) in a circle of Villeneuve-sur-Lot in southwest France hexagon, is much more than a small test site – the vote will confirm the strong growth of the National Front (FN, Marine Le Pen), which record all polls throughout the territory.

Traditional bastion of the left, locality voting to elect the successor Jérôme Cahuzac, millionaire, former socialist minister of the treasury (budget) that had secret bank accounts in tax havens to escape … the taxman!

Due to this serious scandal socialists, who scored in a disastrous first year in office at the Elysée François Hollande, the left was quickly eliminated in the first round last Sunday.

Today, the second round is played between classical right (UMP) and an FN candidate. The moderate left and right call for a “vote Republican” to bar the way of the National Assembly over a deputy FN. But even if not elected (expected to result cerrado), the young candidate “lepenista” Etienne Bousquet-Cassagne, only 23 years old, eliminated the socialist opponent and is now, the event of this election.

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Second consecutive defeat of the Socialists

This is the second tranche legislative election takes place after the arrival of the Socialists to power in Paris, just over a year. Three months ago, in Oise, in the Paris region, the FN was also able to compete toe-to-toe with the second round UMP, having eliminated also in the first round, the Socialist candidate. In Oise, the UMP won the FN in the second round, with little more than two points difference …

The rise of the FN is recorded by all the polls and is due to the constant rise in unemployment, which hit record in France, the decrease in the purchasing power of the French and of course, the political and financial scandals that hit the left and right – the UMP is also involved in several court cases currently under investigation.

40% of French like Marine Le Pen…



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