Farage is BACK: Fury over Theresa May’s offer to Brussels sparks leadership bid

NIGEL FARAGE is “thinking hard” over the next few days about whether to make a comeback as Ukip leader on the back of fears that the historic referendum vote has been betrayed by Mrs May and the Conservatives.


EU court attempting ‘massive power grab’ and threatening UK ‘national sovereignty’

THE European Court of Justice is attempting a massive “power grab” and threatening the UK’s national sovereignty, a QC has warned.


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I hope to God he does come back. He was cheated out of being an MP when he stood last, and it was so bloody blatant that I’m not surprised he’d had enough – plus the threats to him and his family. But he’s so mad about this treacherous bitch May that it might make him fight on.

EU ‘Will Want Vengeance on Brexit Britain’, Says Whistleblower


We need Nigel back and this useless bitch gone a.s.a.p. – Before she’s given the country away.



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