Fast gas tsunami rages on surface of the sun, very rare

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Two satellites from different positions a powerful tsunami of hot gas observed just above the surface of the sun. This solar tsunami was caused by a coronal mass ejection – a stream of charged particles. The spectacular phenomenon did this magical images.

Hot tsunami wave was at a speed of 400 kilometers per second over the visible surface and was more than a million degrees hot. The tsunami was spotted by the Hinode and the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The Hinode is a space telescope of the Japanese Space Agency JAXA

Solar Tsunamis are quite rare. They are caused by coronal explosions: big bubbles consisting of gas saturated with magnetic field lines. These explosions leave the solar surface within hours


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wo Earth-orbiting satellites have caught sight of speeding “tsunami” on the surface of the Sun after an event called a coronal mass ejection (CME).

These waves of heightened magnetic field and hot, ionised gas race across the Sun at about 400km per second.

The chance sighting, to be published in Solar Physics, allowed researchers to measure the magnetic field in “quiet” areas away from the CME.

Understanding this field may help predict how CMEs will affect the Earth.

In this “false colour” clip of ultraviolet light on the Sun, purple corresponds to the highest temperatures.

After the CME, the green, lower-temperature wave – at about 1,000,000C – can be seen spreading across the Sun’s surface.


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