FASTER, PLEASE: Nutrient drink helps protect memory in early Alzheimer’s patients, study finds: Just one drink a day brought back personal memories. Some drink to remember, some drink to forget.

Early results from an ongoing study into Alzheimer’s disease in Europe suggest that a commonly available, over-the-counter nutritional supplement could help conserve memory function in patients with the early stages of the disease.

Scientists in Finland have been examining the effects of regular consumption of ‘Fortasyn Connect’, a patented combination of nutrients, sold under the brand name Souvenaid. While the early findings offer mixed results, the two-year clinical trial of 311 Alzheimer’s patients suggests drinking Souvenaid daily does confer benefits to the memory function of people with prodomal (early stage) Alzheimer’s.

“We have known for a while that diet can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Indeed, certain nutrients have been found to have a neuroprotective effect on the brain,” said researcher Tobias Hartmann from Saarland University in Germany and coordinator of the LipiDiDiet project – a European effort to investigate how nutrition impacts the development of Alzheimer’s.

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“However, translating this into an effective intervention hasn’t been easy because single nutrients simply aren’t powerful enough to fight a disease like Alzheimer’s alone,” he added. “Today’s clinical trial results have shown that the key is combining certain nutrients, in order to increase their effect.”

Based on the trial results so far, the combination of ingredients in Fortasyn Connect appears to have a positive impact on the brains of patients with early Alzheimer’s.

There’s also eggs. Eat more eggs! Your brain is 20% cholesterol by weight, and needs cholesterol to function. Eggs and bacon, washed down with coffee. There’s your magic health panacea.




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