Fatal Consequences of Living in the NSA Surveillance State – Marcy Wheeler

When Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the consequences of living in the NSA Surveillance State, Marcy Wheeler, known to civil libertarians by the cyber-nickname “Emptywheel,” had something to say about it. She has been a full-time commentator on individual liberties issues since 2007.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan.

Through her blog, Emptywheel.net, Ms. Wheeler has provided in-depth analysis of documents dealing with Guantanamo Bay, torture, personal privacy issues, and many other subjects of extreme importance to those who cherish individual freedom and the Bill of Rights.

We’re very grateful that she joins us today to discuss recent revelations regarding the NSA’s surveillance program.


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    THE fact that every government agency has become involved in the destruction of america,PROVES one of two things,either we have full out war in the streets of america,OR total destruction with NUKES on every city of any size,MY GUESS IS,it will be TOTAL DESTRUCTION BY NUKES,and the reason I say nukes, is because the number of treason trials would be in the millions,and every government employee would be on trial because they were involved directly or were protecting those who were,and so they will fight anyone trying to restore america to health again,they all know the day would come when the investigations would start,and the resulting NET would at some point in time find them involved in treason……GET YOUR SEATBELT ON,and close to the LORD cause the death toll is going to be enormas,AND THEN WE HAVE NIBIRU COMING……………………………..


    DOES ANYONE know,when something becomes ROTTEN,all you can do is bury it?you can’t feed it to the dog,you can’t eat it your self,you can’t cook it,THERE just ain’t many things you can do,it has to be delth with in a way that won’t cause more harm,AND THE OTHER COUNTRIES have figured this out……..now america is really in trouble,cause its ROTTEN to the core from top to bottom,and ft.detrick,maryland, bio-warfare center is spewing out one desease after another on the world,and no one has lifted a finger to stop them,IF you were them,what would you do to save your country from these TERRORISTS,in america at the bio-warfare center?