FBI Director Unaware Boston Mosque Founded by al Qaeda Funder (video)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) questioned FBI Director Mueller about his knowledge of the radical Boston mosque that the Tsarnaevs attended. In the Judiciary Committee hearing Mueller reveled that he was “unaware” this mosque was founded by a radical Islamist.

Obama has a way of burying skeletons. Mueller will be gone soon too. Democrats Love James Comey, Obama‘s Republican Pick to Lead FBI.


So Who is James Comey?

. . . he was the lawyer who legally approved that warrantless NSA program that the New York Times revealed that caused so much scandal. And he was part of the process that legalized the torture techniques used by the Bush administration. How can that possibly not disqualify him from running the FBI in the eyes of progressives who claimed to find all of that so atrocious and such an assault on all that is dear and good in the world?

Clinton provided Millions knowingly to materially support Syrian terrorists

Obama allowed U.S. Syrian group to arm rebels, including al Qaeda

Obama started sending U.S. troops to Syrian border months ago

CIA airlifted arms to Syrian jihadists, trained others in Jordan




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