FBI Had Evidence That Loretta Lynch Intended To Obstruct Clinton Email Investigation… Why Is This Not Already Before A Grand Jury?

They literally already tried to blame this on “Muh Russia.”

No, seriously – Comey said that he was aware of this document, but believed it was a Russian forgery or some bullshit.

Liberals really think their supporters are that retarded. And unfortunately… They’re correct.

June 12th, 2017 • The FBI confronted Attorney General Loretta Lynch with evidence obtained from two high ranking “political figures” that basically said Lynch had agreed to ‘put the kibosh’, basically end any investigation or an indictment of Hillary. That she was going to be safe.”

The confrontation between FBI Director Comey and Lynch occurred in the midst of the Clinton email investigation, well before the FBI had come to any conclusion regarding the outcome of the case. Comey’s accusation was met by Lynch with “a long period of steely silence”, until Lynch asked Comey to leave her office.

Sara Carter of Circa News relayed the details of her report to Fox News host Sean Hannity.