Fears over International Space Station batteries provided by same firm as over-heating Dreamliner power source

  • Japanese firm GS Yuasa Corp. provides the lithium batteries for the troubled Dreamliner aircraft
  • It also has a contract with NASA to supply cells to the International Space Station
  • It is the focus of an investigation by U.S. and Japanese authorities into the cause of two fires aboard Japanese 787 Dreamliner’s earlier this month

It has been revealed the Japanese firm which makes the lithium ion batteries for the troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner also has a contract to supply batteries to the International Space Station.

GS Yuasa Corp, which has its headquarters in Kyoto is the focus of an investigation by authorities in Japan and the U.S. into the cause of a fire on a Japan Airlines plane at Logan Airport in Boston earlier this month and an emergency landing by an All Nippon Airways jet last week.

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These issues caused the FAA to issue a rare emergency airworthiness directive, which led to the worldwide grounding of all 50 active Dreamliners that Boeing has delivered so far.

However, the lithium batteries that GS Yuasa supplies for the International Space Station are not the same as the one it makes for the Dreamliner, NASA spokesperson Josh Byerly said to Bloomberg.

Byerly also said that NASA will not reconsider its contract with the Japanese firm until after the FAA investigation is complete.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266262/Dreamliner-battery-firm-provides-lithium-cells-International-Space-Station-probe-troubled-widens-Japan-UK.html#ixzz2IhePigm2


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