Fed Freaks on Plane From Hong Kong and Reveals Snowden is Still an Asset

Federal agent, Daniel Morgan Perry, married to Chinese spy allegedly forcibly moved from Hong Kong to Newark, NJ bound for a CIA “safe-house” and flips his shit afraid to fall asleep on the plane- afraid they are gonna heart attack gun him knowing he knows what he does about Snowden. Can only mean one thing: Snowden is an operation.

“After the flight landed safely in Newark, a passenger told reporters that the man had gotten up mid-flight and began talking about the CIA targeting him because he had “information related to Edward Snowden,” the man who revealed the NSA’s secret surveillance program.

Another passenger, Jacques Roizen, said the man, who appeared in his 30s, was yelling about being afraid of being taken or killed by the FBI or CIA. The man was asking for the plane to be diverted.”

“Passenger Peter Jones of Washington said he heard the man claim he himself was going to be poisoned.

The FBI said the man was hospitalized but did not provide further information about him. The passenger had called out what he said was his name, his birthdate and his Social Security number and claimed he worked for a U.S. embassy in the Middle East.

“He said someone was going to poison him,” Jones said.

“”Your life is in jeopardy!” he shouted “Your life is in jeopardy if you work for the NSA, you work for the CIA, you work for the National Reconnaissance Office, your life is in jeopardy!”

The man had been pacing the aisles repeating his name, age and hometown of Binghamton, N.Y., passengers told WCBS 880?s Marla Diamond. He then began his rant about the NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Diamond reported….

“He said he worked for the U.S. Embassy in Abu Dhabi and he was being detained by the CIA and was being transferred and his life was in danger,” Peter Jones of Washington, D.C. told Diamond.

He was also recorded demanding that the plane be diverted to Canada, passengers said….

“He complained about being shot with darts,” Roizen said. “During the entire flight, he complained at me and the other passenger who was sitting next to him.””


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“”He was just saying he had information relating to Ed Snowden and he was being taken back to some safe house somewhere, never to be seen again,” Jones said…..

On the recording the man who caused the incident screamed and repeated “I’m dead” 23 times.

“Snowden?No, he’s right! I know this now, I know this because of what just happened to me. He’s totally right,” the disruptive passenger said, then continued to rant about the NSA….

“He said something that people are going to poison him, that he was going to die,” Jones said.

On the recording the man claimed to work for the government.

“You work for the CIA! If you work for the National Reconnaissance Office, you will not get a trial by jury. You will not get a trial by jury. They think I’ve done something wrong, put me in front of a judge,” he said, “say I’m guilty.”

In the audio the man claimed to be “dead already, they’re gonna kill me.”

Another passenger, Paula Shea of St. Petersburg, Fla., said the man claimed he was married to a Chinese spy.”


“A former federal worker went berserk on a Hong Kong-to-Newark flight today, claiming to be a CIA agent poisoned by the spy agency before passengers wrestled him to the cabin floor, sources said.

Port Authority cops and the FBI took the deranged passenger into custody at Newark Liberty International Airport around 2 p.m., roughly 15 minutes after the plane landed, and said they found no evidence of toxins on board.

The suspect identified himself to passengers as Daniel M. Perry, who sources confirmed was a former federal employee, though they did not say where he had worked.”


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