Fed Is Trying Like Crazy to Reflate a Phony Economy – Will They Spend $85B A Month Till I Retire?! US Dollar Soon Won’t Be Able to Buy Gold at Any Price

Fed Is Trying to Reflate a Phony Economy

Fed QE Will They Buy $85B A Month Till I Retire! Global Economic Crisis

US Dollar Collapse, Soon Won t Be Able to Buy Gold at Any Price – Bitcoin – Galt s Gulch

I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore


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  • lifeofliberty

    Gold at any price? Gold has never been unavailable. It goes up, it goes down, but always available. And always unneeded, unnecessary.

    That’s all this website is about. Buy metal. Which you can’t eat, use, spend or build anything with. Must be converted into fiat money first. Which means you pay the current (always higher) inflated prices. Better then to buy what you need now. Food. Land. Pay off all debts.

    Forget gold “at any price”. Just another worn-out, tired marketing scheme to separate the gulliable from their cash. Buy food. Buy land. Stuff you NEED.

    Economically speaking, it would not matter one iota if gold cost $1 Million per ounce. It’ll be just as useless then as it is today.

    • alexmai

      ‘any price’ is a bit too far, but it just emphasize that Fed is printing too much money! The article is focusing on the value of US dollar not other currencies. U.S is in a very difficult position that have to keep printing money to meet its obligation. Its just a confidence game. By the time you see the Fed to increase its bond purchasing beyond 85B dollar, people will soon lose confident on US dollar.This is exactly the way how a empire in decline! This is article is not to encourage people to buy gold or anything, but pointing out that U.S. gov’t are spending too much/ printing too much money!

    • Chris Sky

      When the US dollar collapses (which is inevitable) those who own GOLD and SILVER will quickly see their REAL value. It does not NEED to be “converted” to fiat currency for value! When the dollar is gone, people will be trading Gold and silver for everything from weapons to food to shelter. And considering PAPER FIAT CURRENCY is what’s REALLY worthless, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to convert some of your worthless paper to a precious metal that has only INCREASED in value throughout the years. (take any 10 year stretch of gold prices from the last 100 years and it’s always worth more 10 years later than it was even with temporary devaluations) Versus the US Dollar which has lost over 100% of it’s value and continues to get weaker every day.

      People who don’t own precious metals are simply ignorant fools who are unable to understand the real situation of the country. Ignorance will be the biggest killer in this century.