FEMA Region 3 Has Been Activated: Emergency Situation Breaking In West Virginia


Many Reports are coming in to Sentinel Command of massive fighting breaking loose in West Virginia over Bottled water as the Chemical Spill Situation continues.




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  • Pancake

    I live in WV and up until yesterday I wasn’t even aware this was going on. Nobody outside of those 9 counties is affected at all. It’s literally life as normal everywhere else.

    • Skip Patterson

      Well maybe you’ll get lucky and it well seep into your water supply.

    • Diaz

      And if it was in your area, WE wouldn’t even ‘be aware’ that it was happening. I would wager, however, that if you live in WV, you have the same water company, WVAW, supplying your piped-in water.
      The point? This can happen anywhere(but imo, it shouldn’t). Be glad it wasn’t you.. THIS time.
      Your post tells a story though….
      I wonder why they are trying to keep it quiet outside the area?
      Just glad when it’s over. Will start moving to be more prepared for this type of thing. Alot of water supplies are being polluted.. not just here.

  • rejco

    I’ve got 500 gallons of clean water in storage at all times; why isn’t anyone prepared?

    • http://sacbee.com/ LuvMolly Sis of Max the Galoot

      Where is it stored rej?

  • Diaz

    I am 10 miles from the incident, and in the heart of the affected area. FEMA is on scene, as are alot of other alphabet soup entities.
    Is this a serious problem? Yes. And it could get worse. But it seems at this time that the levels are going down, and I will give it abut 20 hours before the levels are safe to consider lifting the ban. But then… flushing out the many many residential, and business buildings….
    Yes, it is serious in nature. But it’s not “Everyone fighting each other for their lives” type of thing. FFEA hasn’t started any unnecessary BS at this point.(good thing too)… people are NOT rampantly fighting. There’s a few scuffles and heated arguments and what-not.. but that is mostly from people that are ignorant under regular circumstances. there are a few that are overreacting and being absolutely selfish about obtaining water…. but do they not have at least a little bit of a reason to do so? I can tell you that there is no real shortage of water..it really is being shipped in nicely, although there are some that can’t get to the stations in time, because of work, transportation, lack of their own containers (which is required at most locations).
    I prefer waiting for the stores to stock-up and buy mine. I suppose that’s just me though.
    There are plenty of people helping other people with showers and such, from the spring-fed, and well-fed residences that dot the region.
    I gave 4 cases of bottled water away to some older folks that can’t leave the ‘holler’ at just any old time.
    People helping people.. is how it should be. Yes, there are those that are adamant about receiving FEMA help. What is unfortunate about that is that most of those people don’t ask or help from anyone first, nor do they attempt to try to help anyone else. It’s “I deserve this for nothing” for most. I say most, because there are some in this region that can only obtain enough water needed, through these locations..
    We will be fine. I wish us all well.
    Local news for this incident.. wsaz dot com.