Female passenger who took a sleeping pill wakes up to find herself being ‘sexually assaulted’ by man sitting next to her on flight to Hawaii

Luavalu Seuva’ai, 22, pleaded not guilty to groping woman sitting next to him on journey from Philippines

A woman was sexually assaulted while she slept by the man sitting in the airplane seat next to her, authorities said.

Luavalu Seuva’ai, 22, pleaded not guilty to the attack on Hawaiian Airlines flight 456 on August 16.

Seuva’ai appeared before a federal judge on Monday after court documents reported that he fondled the woman after she took a spoonful of Nyquil and fell asleep.

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Attack: Luavalu Seuva’ai, 22, is accused of groping a woman while she slept on a Hawaiian Airlines flight

It was believed that the victim, who has not been identified, and Seuva’ai had been chatting during the flight before she took the sleeping medication.

She later told investigators that she was awoken to find the man’s hands under her clothes without her permission.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2191849/Woman-flight-Hawaii-sexually-assaulted-male-passenger-22.html#ixzz24H7Ep7o3


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  • Bambolina

    The woman did not take Nyquil on board she took it before passing the security for her soar throat and cold problem.

    We have to watch what we say before jumping to a conclusion. The Airline can’t stop the passenger from taking NyQuil especially if they take it before boarding. The media also need to be discreet with their reporting and get the facts before broadcast.
    Let me correct the Media. The man Luavalu Seuva’ai is a 22 years old 6’5 feet man. The victim is a 42 years old woman.
    The man is a Mormon missionary sent back to Samoa by the Philippine Mormon church. The church from the Philippines requested the Mormon Mission to remove him from the Philippines because of the same reason “groping, touching and could be worst…sexual advantage to young women in the mission church.
    The woman took the Nyquil before boarding the flight – for her cold and sore throat condition. When she was interviewed by the FBI she still has a husky voice. The Airlines and TSA won’t have any control of this Nyquil matter. The fact is most of the news reporter is getting dumber and dumber.
    I been following this news and the best way to get the facts is find out the Mormon church in the Philippines where he stayed for a couple of months….to make it easier called the Mormon Church Mission placement here in the US.

  • buy sleeping tablets

    Wow that fascinating, I am going to look into that.