Final Warning!…”Death Spiral” … The World Stands On The Very Edge of Total Economic And Financial Armageddon

 …Final Warning!…”Death Spiral” … World Financial Collapse Coming Soon Video

A Final Warning…” A DEATH SPIRAL THAT COULD END CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT “……The world stands on the very edge of total economic and financial Armageddon…What if anything can we do?….Here is the view of ex world Bank economist Richard Duncan …and the news is VERY bad indeed….This is EXACTLY what i have been trying to tell people for well over two years now…You can’t say i did not try to warn anybody…It is as much your fault (and mine) if we LET THEM DO THIS!!…It could be too late already people..This will be my last warning on this subject…If you ain’t got it by now then i wish you luck cos you are really gonna need some…We are cutting it very fine indeed if we are to stop this now….

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Merkel said on TV: “On the one hand, the banks must take responsibility for themselves. That’s what we have always said. We don’t want taxpayers having to save banks but that banks save themselves.”

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This is an excellent video series that tells it like it is, no holes barred. Lots of great info and the reasons why the economy will collapse.

Euro Crisis is Just Beginning, Global Collapse is Coming (MUST WATCH video)