Firearm panic buying still going at full-speed

So I have myself signed up to be notified when a variety of firearms are received in-stock at Gallery of Guns

Today I received notice that they had Glock 34 Gen 4’s and Smith & Wesson M&P compact 40s in stock. I click on the links in the e-mail and see about 35 of the Glocks and 25 of the Smiths. By the time I click “buy now” (I wanted the Glock but was just curious about the Smith), they were both sold out. So they sold AT LEAST 35 Glocks and 25 M&Ps in a matter of SECONDS. There appears to be no end in sight to the panic, at least not yet.

BTW, I like to keep an eye on this page. It’s their entire inventory of in-stock semi auto handguns.