Firefighters, Architects & Engineers Expose 9/11 Myths – Official Trailer Movie release date: September 11, 2015

The Truth:

Danny Jowenko – Demolition Expert:

  • Mr. Jowenko concludes that WTC 7 had to have been a controlled demolition without a doubt. (RIP)

9/11 Survivor Barry Jennings Uncut Interviews (WABC-TV, 2001, LC 2007):

  • Barry talks about the explosions in Building 7 and his escape from it after tying to enter the office of emergency management area on the 23rd floor. (RIP)

A man representing 2,350+ professionals appeared on C-SPAN to discuss the demolition evidence of 9/11 — it is now the most popular video on the site since then, and #6 all-time: — 400,000 views

Some of the members:

Steven Dusterwald, S.E. – Structural Engineer:

  • Mr. Dusterwald presents contradictory evidence between the NIST model and the actual sequence of failures within all the WTC Buildings.

David Topete, MSCE, S.E. – Structural Engineer:

  • Mr. Topete discusses how WTC Building 7’s column 79’s failure could not have caused the symmetrical and simultaneous collapse into it’s own footprint.

Casey Pfeiffer, S.E. – Structural Engineer:

  • Mr. Pfeiffer provides a in-depth look at what actually happened to the top portions of the WTC towers prior to collapse and how WTC 7 could not have experienced simultaneous connector failure without the use of controlled demolition devices.

Kamal Obeid, C.E., S.E. – Civil/Structural Engineer:

  • Mr. Obeid, a 30-year structural engineer explains how NIST’s analysis actually disproves it’s own theories on how WTC Building 7 collapsed, thereby confirming the use of controlled demolition.

Ron Brookman S.E. – Structural Engineer:

  • Mr. Brookman discusses his direct inquiries with President Obama and NIST on NIST’s responsibility to find the cause of the collapse of WTC Building 7 and their responses.

They have been attempting to expose the fraud in the NIST reports, along with thousands of other professionals. Here are a few:

Bob Bowman PhD, Lt. Colonel (ret.):

  • The former head of the Star Wars program under President Ford & Carter, has multiple engineering degrees and agrees that NIST is conducting a massive coverup. (RIP)
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Lynn Margulis PhD:

  • 1999 Presidential Medal of Science award winner and Carl Sagan’s first wife, Lynn Margulis, provides crucial rules and elements within an investigative scientific analysis to procure an accepted hypotheses vs. what’s depicted in the NIST report. (RIP)

Rudy Dent, 9/11 survivor and former Fire Marshall:

  • 32 year veteran of NYC fire department and the NYPD Rudy Dent, speaks about his incredible first hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7 and gives his professional opinion on the destruction of the buildings with his experience as a Fire Marshall.

Another prominent member from this group is:

Richard Humenn P.E. – WTC Chief Electrical Design Engineer:

  • Mr. Humenn gives us quite a unique perspective inside the elevator shafts in the twin towers and how access to the core columns could have been gained.

Click here for their series of twenty-five provable points which clearly demonstrate that the reports produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) were unscientific and fraudulent. Therefore NIST itself–including its lead authors, Shyam Sunder and John Gross–should be investigated.

Did you know? NIST did not follow standard fire investigation protocol:

Erik Lawyer – Firefighter:

  • Mr. Lawyer presents investigative directives from the National Fire Protection Standards Manual that were never followed by NIST or FEMA for the fires they claim caused all 3 WTC Buildings to collapse.

Building 7 collapsed at 5:21 pm on 9-11-2001 – it was the first and only steel-framed skyscraper (fireproofed!) in world history to completely collapse because of fire.

The Smoking Gun: Free fall occurred in Building 7’s collapse for 2.25 seconds. NIST was attempting to cover this up, but a physics teacher called them out at the public draft hearing. Surprisingly, in its final report released in November 2008, NIST finally acknowledged free fall, but dishonestly placed it in bizarre framework that continues to deny its clear significance. This video series was created by the man who forced NIST to admit free fall occurred and displays the brazenness of the NIST WTC7 coverup.

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