First The Petro-Yuan Now The Petro-Ruble, De-Dollarization In Full Force

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Job openings are at an all time high while hiring hits a 6 month low.  Retail store closing are continuing and people are losing jobs. The yield curve is continually collapsing and this has happened before as we entered a recession. Student credit card debt, auto loan debt has skyrocketed. The people of the US are in so much debt that when this collapse hits, its going to be a disaster.De-Dollarization is accelerating, Russia makes deal with Iran to use the petro-ruble for oil trade.

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2 Responses

  1. Mick McNulty says:

    Not only is the American dollar not backed by gold, but after all the tungsten that’s been coming out of their bullion vaults it’s looking like American gold isn’t backed by gold.

    • plamenpetkov says:

      you just got born? the dollar hasn’t been backed by gold since 1973 but has been backed by oil instead. time to hit da books!

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