FLASHBACK: Commie Maxine Waters threatening to nationalize US oil companies in 2008. If the Democrats had their way, the US would be the next Venezuela.

Published on Feb 28, 2011

This is Maxine Waters channeling Hitlers 25 points. The plan was to socialize the healthcare system then nationalize the oil companies and use oil revenues to fund Obamacare. The problem with that is governments run oil companies about as well as they run the Postal Service. Hugo Chavez for example so mismanaged his oil industry he pretty much dealth his country out of any benefit of high oil prices.

Leftist like to say “European socialism works” then ask you to ignore disasters like Greece and Spain and point out Scandanavian countries with low populations and high oil revenues. So Americans paying 4$ a gallon gas is really about funding socialzed healthcare and has nothing to so with a green economy or alternative energy.

Marxist and National Socialist, beleive the enviromnent belongs to the people (government) so if a private company is pumping oil out of the ground and selling it on the open market to lower gas prices it’s considered stealing from the governement by people like Maxine Waters.