Florida appeals court OVERTURNS two of Casey Anthony’s four convictions for lying to detectives

  • Court ruled the charges constituted double jeopardy – but two stand as she lied to detectives on two separate occasions
  • Civil case brought by woman with same name as Anthony’s fictional nanny can now go ahead and is expected to be heard in August


A Florida appeals court has overturned two of the four convictions that Casey Anthony faced for lying to detectives during the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance in 2008.

While Anthony was acquitted of murder in two-year-old Caylee’s death in 2011, she was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to law-enforcement and sentenced to probation.

Judges on the 5th District Court of Appeals have now agreed with Anthony’s attorneys that the charges constituted double jeopardy, or being convicted more than once for the same crime.

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Jurors determined that Anthony lied when she told detectives that she worked at Universal Studios, that she had left Caylee with a babysitter who kidnapped the girl, that she had told two friends about her daughter’s disappearance and that she had received a phone call from Caylee.

The state said each of her four false statements to detectives was a separate offense, but her attorneys said all of her lies only constituted a single offense.

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