For all those who went Shopping on Black Friday, What Percentage of Products were Made in the USA?

by Finished

5%? See that is the Problem.

I hate saying this, but when You have 2 Almost Identical Items, One Manufactured in America and selling at $100 and One from China, selling at $25, the Consumer who is Trying to Survive will always Purchase the Cheaper Item.

Yes, we are basically Destroying Ourselves, trying to Survive…..

We either take Pay Cuts, in order to Sell Our Goods, or China Strengthens its Currency, which will make the cost of their Goods more Expensive…

The Problem is Obvious, if we take Pay Cuts, we Lose our Purchasing Power. If China Strengthens its Currency, we will Pay More for Their Goods, in which we will also Lose our Purchasing Power.

In Reality, the Fact is, the Consumers in America have had it Easy, Compared to the Rest of the World.
We are going to have a Lower Standard of Living in the Future, there is No Way Around this Fact.
All of this Bad News is Just Conditioning us to what Lies ahead.
We are Basically being Desensitized to Our Future.

Everyone is being FORCED to Conserve and Live like Much of the Rest of the World.
The Sooner Americans Cut up those Credit Cards, the Better…
Those who pay CASH, will have the Better Lives in a Declining America.

We are going to have to Plan Better, Waste Less and Just All Around, Tighten Our Belts, Literally.

Anyone who has Lived Outside the US for a while, knows how easy we have it…

I see a Decade of Learning to Live a Global Way, as the American Dream and Therefore American Way of Life is Finished…

I know People don’t want to Hear this, but it Is the Reality of the Future that America Faces…

The Real Problem is Unbalanced Labor Costs. We the Consumer want to buy everything at the Cheapest Price Possible, which means we will Continue to Buy Chinese Made Items over American Items.

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