For The First Time In Its History, Subway Shutters Hundreds Of US Stores


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  • Brooklyn Dave

    The first time I came across SUBWAYS was around1986/87 when I lived for a short time near Albany NY. I did appreciate the NYC theme. Fast forwarding to today on what I think of SUBWAYS. Well, it is adequate enough to get a hero sandwich for a reasonable price. The service (at least here in NYC) is very debatable. Here the majority of franchisers seem to be Bangladeshi, and their help barely speak English. So you get some guy or woman with a nice smile, reasonably polite and with a blank stare when you ask something that slightly not in the script. Also, I prefer the Italian style heroes with salami, pepperoni etc — no! It is beef salami and some kind of beef pepperoni. Hey I like my swine meat. I don’t know if this has to do with religious reasons (I assume so, but that may or may not be the case). Well, even though I feel bad at folks losing their jobs, I don’t think I’ll be sitting shivah after the possible death of SUBWAYS.