FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1781, The Queen of England Just Took Part In A GOVERNMENT Meeting

FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1781, a monarch of England took part in a GOVERNMENT meeting!!!

Just 3 days before the End of the Mayan calendar!!


Part of Antarctica is to be named Queen Elizabeth Land in honour of the Queen, it was announced as she made a historic visit to Downing Street.

She is the first monarch since 1781 – during the US war of independence – to attend a cabinet meeting.

She met ministers, who gave her a set of 60 place mats, to mark her Diamond Jubilee after 60 years on the throne.

The Queen joined the cabinet while they were updated on a range of forthcoming parliamentary business.

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After leaving Downing Street she went with Foreign Secretary William Hague to the Foreign Office, where it was announced that the southern part of the British Antarctic Territory had been named.

The territory, covering 169,000 sq miles – almost twice the size of the UK – was previously unnamed, the Foreign Office said.

“This is a fitting tribute at the end of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee year, and I am very proud to be able to announce it as she visits the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,” Mr Hague said.



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