Fowl play suspected: Goose on the loose despite arrow through its head

A goose who survived a horrific injury is on the loose in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The bird appears to have been shot with a bow and has the arrow stuck through its head.

Witnesses first spotted the injured Canada goose in the area in early February.

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Grisly gander: The wretched animal has been spotted with the injury since February but has escaped capture from rescue workers

At the time, animal control officer Sandy Bannon said they were doing all they could to capture and help the creature.

‘The goose is eating, drinking, and it flies when we try to catch it,’ she said.

Nearly four months later, officials are still trying to capture the elusive bird.

‘We’re keeping an eye out,’ Lizabeth Gode told

‘If the arrow gets stuck on something or he gets sick, we can grab him … but he’s doing great.’

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