FOX NEWS: Conspiracy Nuts right to be suspicious about Vegas, Campos, Ellen, etc.

Tucker still bringing up the JFK assassination at the end of this video as well. We’ve encroached the mainland ladies and gentlemen. Won’t be long now until the whole nation is questioning everything.

Something to note: I just thought about this. A week after the Vegas Massacre when no security camera footage from inside the Mandalay Bay was released of Paddock I got very concerned. Just like Steyn says in this video, right after every terrorist attack/mass shooting within 36 hours usually, the public is given the footage. It’s been over 2 weeks and there is still no footage of Paddock in the hotel. I want to see footage of an alleged Paddock bringing 13 large dufflebags into his room (of weapons and ammunition). I want to see footage of Campos allegedly creeping up by Paddock’s door and the stairwell. I want to see footage of the alleged “200 Rounds” bursting through Paddock’s door. (which is the biggest bullshit i’ve heard yet). They haven’t released any of the footage because None of that happened. Something else went down entirely.

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So I implore everyone to be on the lookout in the following weeks for if/when they do release this alleged footage. Because i think it will be fake, hoaxed, doctored footage, recorded in a studio somewhere, to look like and corroborate everything this circus of fools has been telling us. Similar to how many people think the Moon Landing footage was shot by Stanley Kubrick in a studio.


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