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The poll for BFMTV showed 61 per cent of French voters did not want the 39-year-old’s Republic on the Move (LREM) party to win a “crushing” majority in parliament, saying that they would vote for a rival party in the second round in a bid to “rectify” the predicted result.

Mr Macron founded the party just one year ago and it has never had a voice in France’s 577-seat National Assembly.

More than half of French voters questioned, 53 per cent, said they were “worried” Mr Macron would have too much power if his party won more than 400 seats, compared with 20 per cent who said they were “indifferent”.

But 27 per cent of those interviewed said they “trusted” Mr Macron, adding that they did not believe he would abuse his power.

More than one-third of voters questioned in the poll – 37 per cent – did say they wanted Mr Macron’s LREM party to win a majority of seats in the lower house of parliament.


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