France Slashes Benefits to Muslim Parasites by 83%

After a meeting on the National Immigration and Integration, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls announced significant changes in the country’s migration policy. The government will reduce financial assistance to immigrants, and this reduction will be substantial. Starting March 1 of next year, French immigrant benefits will be reduced by 83 percent. The amount of compensation to immigrants who voluntarily want to return home will be also reduced. If earlier the government paid 300 euros for every adult and 100 euros for every minor, in March of 2013 these amounts will be reduced to 50 and 30 euros, respectively.(The photos below are of Muslims rioting in France just for the sake of rioting.

Masked youths clash with police as pension reform protests get radical in France


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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    Apparently, France has figured out that Muslims aren’t the “peace loving” people that the pro multi-cultural types want them to believe they are. Muslims are a disease, and the French are beginning to understand that, so let’s wait awhile and see if they have the strength of will to run them all out of their country before it’s too late.